Bows of Heim “Greater” (Greater Holy Bows):

The Goddess Heim is one of the Nature Goddesses of the Palladium World. With the God Cirga, she is also know as a patron of archers. She is often depicted holding a bow herself. Priests and Priestess of her are expected to learn the bow as one of their weapons. This has often served them well in battle.

As one might expect, there have been a number of holy bows dedicated to her. While most of these are lesser Holy Bows, a number are considered greater holy weapons. While there are believed to be at least a couple of dozen lesser holy bows, there is believed to only be a handful of greater bows made through her. Some numbers given are a half dozen. The bows are believed to be actually crafted by priests and priestesses at the temple but then blessed by her. Most of the bows have individual names although in some cases the names have been lost.

Many of these bows rarely see the light of day and are hidden in the temples of Heim. On occasion they will be carried by a priest or priestess on their adventures outside the temple. Still, a number have been gifted over the centuries. Usually these are given for some great service, sometimes to a temple while sometimes to nature herself. Many fo those that have been gifted are rangers or long bowman. Most are themselves worshipers of the Goddess Heim.

In some cases, these bows have been lost. The wielder may be killed in battle. As well, in some cases the bows are passed on to descendants. The temples of Heim works to retrieve these bows once again, especially from profane hands, and return them to the temples. While the lesser bows are extremely valued, the greater bows are even more a priority as far as keeping them out of the hands of those not considered worthy of them.

Both the lesser and greater bows are similar in appearance. There are both long bow and short bow versions of the Holy Bows of Heim. No crossbows are known to have been constructed due to Heim having a disdain for such weapons. While the bow is considered to be a simple weapon, the crossbow is considered a weapon of artifact and technology. The bows are all of incredible workmanship and are incredibly accurate and long ranged. The bows are engraved with the designs of leaves and vines winding around the bow. The base wood of the bow is light brown with the leaves of a light green and the vines of a darker green. The appearance of the bows are incredibly attractive but the pattern also makes the bows well camouflaged. No two bows look exactly alike.

An archer will find the bow incredibly accurate, the equal of the finest bow their ever fired. The enchantments on both the lesser and greater versions of the bow are otherwise considered otherwise pretty normal for enchanted weapons. The archer will feel as if the Goddess is with them and be strengthened against fear, magic, and illness. While the bow glows grew when somebody detects for magic, when evil is close by the bow will glow red to warn of the approach. With a person of lesser evil, the bow does not glow brightly but will glow quite bright in the presence of supernatural such as demons. When an arrow is fired, the arrow inflicts greater damage than one would expect. This is especially the case against supernatural creatures. Finally, over the course of just twenty-four hours although not instantly, the bow will adjust to the strength of the possessor. If the bow is not possessed by anyone, it will adjust so it is usable by those of average strength.

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