Bear Bow (Magical Long Bow):

There are a number of enchanted bows in the Palladium world. One of the more famous one is the Bear Bow. At least several hundred years old, the bow has been carried by a number of rangers over those years. As with many magic weapons, the alchemist who enchanted the long bow is lost in time. It has unusual enchantments for any weapon and no other bow is know to have the enchantments of the bow.

The Bear Bow is a heavy long bow which is a bit thicker in diameter than most long bows and a bit heavier. The bow nocks (tips of the bow staves) are in the designs of bear's heads. Each of the bear heads is extremely intricately carved. The string of the bow goes through the mouths of the bears. The body of bow appears to be made from dark brown wood with the heads of the bow appearing to be made from some sort of black material, probably horn. Similarly, the string of the bow is made from black material. The handle of the bow is wrapped in black leather. Even though the bow is believed to be hundreds of years old, it shows no signs of wear and is believed to be indestructible.

Similar to other enchanted bows, the Bear Bow adjusted to the strength of the archer using the bow. The interesting enchantment however is that the shooter can activate the ability of super human strength up to three times per day for ten minutes each activation. For the duration of the enchantment, they will be incredibly strong, almost without fatigue, and tougher than they normally would be. This enhanced strength can be used with the bow. Otherwise, the enchantment allows the arrows to penetrate deeper than even the enhanced strength. The bow is extremely well balanced as if it is made by an extremely skilled Elven bow maker.

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