Bracers of Fire (Enchanted Bracer):

Bracers are generally lighter weight shields which are formed more to the shape of the arm. Often tomes written about magic items forget about shields but they are just as important as swords in many cases. They can be used both defensive and offensively. The Bracers of Fire are one of the better known of the magical bracers and like many famous magic items are believed to date from the same time as the Elf and Dwarf Wars which ended the Elven domination of the continent. It is believed that there were once a couple of dozen of these bracers made but many have been lost. Unfortunately, some of the magic to make these shields have been lost in time as well. In modern times, the bracers are considered extremely valuable and are considered treasures. In a small number of cases, warriors have managed to acquire two of these shields and used them together as paired weapons.

These bracers are elongated oval in shape designed to protect the the lower arm from wrist to elbow. These shields are made from a coppery metal although it does not appear to be actually copper. The whole shield is designed in various patterns of stylized fire and while extremely similar, no two shields are alike. Some scholars believe that different styles were meant to represent different individuals. The designs are in various yellow and read metallic tones, some a gold while others are a bright red. They are all extremely beautiful. Even though these bracers are incredibly ancient, they show no sign of any wear.

These bracers are as useful in many ways as their are for parrying attacks. The balance of the shields are absolutely incredible, equal to the finest work of Dwarven weaponsmiths. These bracers are indestructible and they can be used to parry the heaviest weapon without damage. Even the finest in non magical shields often do not last more than a single battle between two heavily armed foes. There are straps inside the shield that once the shield is placed on the arm, they magically adjust for a perfect fit. The bracers are extremely comfortable and barely noticeable when worn. Other than being indestructible, the shield has two main enchantments. One is that fireballs can be fired from the shield up to three times per day. Some possessors of a pair of these shields have practiced firing two fireballs at the same time. The second enchantment is that the shield can ignite and stay burning. It is a simple mental command and will remain burning up to twelve minutes per activation. Able to be activated up to three times per day, the fire also covers the fist of the wearer but inflicts no damage to their wearer. This is not the case to others and cannot even be parried by non-magical weapons without damage.

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