Arrows of the Assassin (Magical Arrows):

These magic arrows are best known in the hands of assassins, especially with the Western Empire. They are one of the most feared weapons of the Assassin and are sometimes used by Witches and Priests of Darkness as well. Unlike most magic weapons, these arrows are completely disposable. In many areas, the possession of one of these arrows is cause for severe punishment including death. Possessing one of these arrows makes most officials automatically assume that the possessor is an Assassin. Alchemists making these arrows are treated in a similar manner. Most Assassin's guilds have their own Alchemists, often blackmailed into making the arrows, who specialize in making these arrows due to it being almost impossible to get an Alchemist on the street to make them. Even though disposable, the arrows are also extremely expensive.

These arrows come in a variety of colors but are most often black - head, shaft, and feathers. Some are Dwarf, Elf, or Kobold Crafted for more accuracy but most are human crafted and are of only average quality. Most arrows are made for the short bow because few Long Bowman or Rangers are willing to use these arrows. As well as arrows, there are crossbow bolts made with the same enchantments. Some assassins specialize in using small lightweight crossbows which use these bolts. They can hide one of these inside of their cloak and fire from surprise. Once the deed is done, the assassin will simply disappear.

These arrows are designed that when they hit their mark, they inject poison directly into the person hit. This poison is twice as strong as normal poison. The poisons are harder to resist, inflict more harm against their target, and duration lasts twice as long as normal. The arrows are also enchanted so that they will penetrate virtually any armor including the toughest plate mail. Finally, the arrows are enchanted so that they disintegrate when they hit their target. Within less than a minute, the arrow will completely disintegrate removing the most compelling evidence of the weapon. All that is left is a bit of powder much like dust. In some cases, the wound of the arrows will go completely unnoticed when a body is found and a careful examination is not performed.

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