Star Rings (Enchanted Ring):

While considered by many scholars to be relatively minor magic items, they still attract much interest and are considered very useful. They are comparatively rare because only a handful of Elven Alchemists have ever know the secret of creating the magic rings. There are no rings that are known to have been created within the last several hundred years and some consider the creation of the rings to be a lost art. This has been thought before but each time it has proven to be false. The first Star Rings date from around the time that the Elven Kingdom that became known as the Old Kingdom was first founded. The rings are primarily owned by elves, many of them ancient heirlooms, and some elves consider a ring in the hands of someone other than an elf to be blasphemy. Most Elven Alchemists who have known the art have been unwilling to create the rings for anybody other than elves.

Star Rings have been created in a vast variety of different styles depending on the taste of the creator of the ring and the desires of the person who had the ring created. All rings have in common that the main body of the ring is created from silver and they contain a star sapphire as the main stone. They main contain other stones and may use gold but will always have a large star sapphire and be mainly constructed from silver. As might be expected from Elven craftsmanship, most of the rings are works of art. Many of the rings contain Elven writing inside the ring with many being ancient forms.

One of the most spectacular Star Rings is known as the 'Star of Alliaria' and is believed to date to the founding of the Old Kingdom. It is believed that the ring belonged to the original Queen of the Kingdom. It passed down many generations of rulers but was lost around the same time the Old Kingdom collapsed. Any elf possessing the ring could command the loyalty of other elves. There are legends that the one to find the ring will reunite the Old Kingdom and take the lands from the sub human creatures who have taken over. The ring appears surprisingly delicate with an intricately cut star sapphire with a slender silver band with the pattern of leafy vines twisting around each other.

The star sapphire which is the center peace of the ring is the source of all of the effects of the ring. When the wearer commands "Light" in Elven and holds the ring up, it will glow equal to about two or three candles. The glow is similar to that from Gems of Light but none of the Star Rings have been known to burn out and some are many thousands of years old..To extinguish the light, the wearer simply has to command "Dark" in Elven. If the command "Sun" is given to the ring, a Globe of Daylight springs from the ring. The Globe of Daylight will last anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on how powerful the Alchemist creating the ring was. Of course, the globe is useful against creatures such as vampires and nocturnal creatures like the regular spell. The globe can also be extinguish by the same means that the less bright light is. The command word "Dark" is said in Elven by the wearer. In a more offensive use, the ring can be commanded to create a Blinding Flash just like the spell. The wearer points the ring in the direction they want the flash to go and command "Flash" in Elven. The final ability of the ring is to create an Energy Bolt. To do this, the wear also points in the direction where they wish to fire the Energy Bolt and command "Shooting Star." There are no limitation on how often the normal light is created but the other abilities (Globe of Daylight, Blinding Flash, and Energy Bolt) are limited to three times per day.

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