Whip of Bones (Magical Whip):

There are stories of an Alchemist who learned the arts of necromancy instead of wizardry. As a result, his or her creations are often quite macabre. One item that is said to have been created by this alchemist is know as “The Bones,” a magical mace and chain. Another is this one, known simply as the “Whip of Bones,” a simple if apt name.

It is unclear how old the item is. When one does an object read, there is a confusion of history. Some argue that it is only a few hundred years old while others argue that it is thousands of years old. The weapon has been possessed by several necromancers, demon thralls, and dark priests. Several alchemists have tried to copy the weapon over the years but never can quite get it right. They still appear to be metal, not of bone. Nobody really knows if the whip is made from bone or not.

As one might expect from the description, the weapon is a whip made from what appears to be tiny articulated bones. The whip is about six feet in length and appears to be the tail of some creature. The whip’s handle appears to be made from a single bone, likely a smaller leg bone. Nobody knows if the weapon is made from real bone or not. The “bones” appear to be a bleached yellow, as if aged from being out in the sun. The “bones” also appears to be scratched, as if the weapon is ancient. Still, every indication is that the weapon is indestructible.

 A black cord runs through the bones and the weapon is just as flexible as a normal bull whip. It is well balanced as a weapon. Generally, whips are hard to make as high a quality as Dwarven weapons. In spite of its appearance, it can be used in the same manner as any normal whip including entangle targets as well as being used to disarm an opponent.

In addition to being indestructible, the weapon inflicts greater damage than a normal weapon. Does not inflict as much damage as “The Bones” does however. The weapon’s chief enchantment however is that it causes infective wounds. Injuries caused by the whip cannot be healed except by magic and psychic healing. If the infection is not healed, they will whither away and die. As well, there will be a fever an accompanying the infection which is disabling.

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