Elven Leather Armor of Starlight (Magical Leather Armor):

During the height of the great Elven Kingdom, there were a group of elite Elven Scouts known today as the "Starlight Scouts" or the "King's Scouts." They were a mixture of Rangers, Longbow man, Wizards, Psi-Mystics, and Mind Mages. Most were experienced adventurers long before they joined this elite unit. They might be considered something like the "Kings Musketeers" and their skills were considered legendary. Due to their training and skulls, they often were the first to respond to events. Then war broke out between the Elves and the Dwarves and the scouts were expected to do the impossible. As a result, few scouts are believed to have survived in the battles between two titanic forces and the surviving scouts were never reformed into a new "Starlight Scouts." The few remaining survivors were assigned to other units.

The magic items in the old Elven Kingdom were legendary and have not been equaled since. Even the magic items of the Western Empire pale in comparison to those of the great Elven Kingdom. All members of the "Starlight Scouts" were issued a set of enchanted leather armor which acted as their uniform. This allowed them to be easily identified but also gave them a pride in their uniform. The troops were also issued enchanted boots which combine the enchantments of "Boots of Speed" and "Boots of Mystery" which matched the armor, enchanted gloves which also matched but had the enchantments of "Gauntlets of Quick Hands." In addition, all archers in the Scouts were issued "Bows of Starlight" with matching quivers. The who costume was extremely striking and put awe in some and fear into others. Many of the scouts who retired were allowed to keep their armor and other equipment and it was passed on through generations.

Over the years since the Elven Kingdom fell, the remaining suits of armor have mostly disappeared. Of course, many have been destroyed in combat, both during the Elf and Dwarf Wars and through the Millenniums which have followed. While there were hundreds of these suits of armor made, only a few more than a dozen suits still are known to exist and few have the matching boots or gloves. As a result of the small number of armors still surviving, these items are greatly prized and many adventures have gone out in search of surviving suits. Occasionally, a set of "Starlight" boots or gloves are discovered in the ruins of an Elven city although no "Starlight" armors have been rediscovered in over a century. A few Alchemists make copies of these armors but the armor's ability are rarely the equal of the original suits.

The armor itself is soft leather which has been reinforced with hard leather in key places. Even so, the armor wears more like a dancing costume than armor. The armor is dyed black and is embroidered with silver patterns. The patterns include stars, moons, and shooting stars. The silver patterns themselves seem to almost glow as if they possess an inner light. As one might expect this gives the wearer the problem of being too easily seen. One of the most interesting enchantments on the armor is if the wearer concentrated for a few moments, the armor changes color and actually blends into the environment. While not the equal of the Chameleon enchantment, the magic does not have a duration. This is one of the largest problems for Alchemists trying to duplicate the suits of armor. While the camouflage enchantment has not been lost, integrating it with the prominent silver and black is. As a result, modern copies of the armor do not carry this enchantment. While the armor is extremely lightweight, it is also extremely strong. The armor is often described as being as protective as double mail or scale mail but far stronger. Added to this, the armor seems to be able to regenerate damage. This is what is believed to have allowed the armor to survive the millenniums without rotting or being otherwise destroyed by the environment.

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