Staff-Bow (Transformable Weapons):

Able to be transform from a staff to a bow, the magic of how to create these magic weapons. Half are long bows and half are in the form of short bows. As with many magic weapons, these magic items are extremely rare with only a handful of them are known to exist. It is a mystery who made the enchanted weapons but they are old. It is believed that they are hundreds to thousands of years old. More than any other group of adventurers, these magic weapons are extremely popular with rangers.

In design, these magic weapons are different than most. Many magic items are highly decorated. Instead, the staff-bow is fairly plain. The weapons are undecorated and are quite utilitarian. Unless somebody sense magic, they seem to be just a good quality quarterstaff. In many ways, this is good in that thieves don't generally show too much interest in them. When transformed into the short or long bow form, the bow is also pretty plain with what looks like a simple bow string. A weapon expert will be able to tell they are of extremely fine quality. As a staff, it appears to be a fine quality dwarven weapon and a high quality elven made bow in the bow form.

The most interesting enchantment is the ability to transform between the form of a staff and a bow. The archer must simply command the bow, usually the word "Change" in elvish/ dragon. The other enchantment are far more normal. As with many enchanted weapon, the weapon is indestructible. In addition, the weapon inflicts more damage than one might expect even by its fine quality. When fired, arrows are surrounded my magical energies. The final enchantment is that in bow form, the bow will adjust to the archer's strength.

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