Red Crown of Fire (Enchanted Crown):

The crown appears to have been originally made for a powerful noble who went by the name the "Fire Duke" due to his love of fire. The "Fire Duke" had several magic items which allowed him to create fire. Living about half a millennium before present, he was extremely powerful in a political sense but was not a practitioner of magic. Some say that he did not have the patience to learn the arts. Still, he was said to be an expert on the battlefield and acted as his king's lord martial.

The "Red Crown of Fire" was his most powerful magic item and it is said that he commissioned one of the most powerful alchemists to create the crown. There are some scholars who believe the items predated the Duke but most disagree with them. Still, it must be pointed out that the actual magic used to create the crown has been lost in time although there are some magic creations which are similar. As well, the name of the alchemist has been lost in time.

It was thought that the crown was lost in time and it disappeared from history for over two centuries after his death. Some tales tell that he had a loyal; servant hide the crown somewhere where the crown was virtually impossible to find. Many scholars of the time believed that the whole existence of the crown might have been a myth but an incredible number of magic items have been lost in history and later found. Magic items from the time of the Elves are still being rediscovered.

No one seems to know where the crown was found. The adventurers who appear to have found it appear to have died soon after. It ended up in the hands of a powerful noble and there are rumors that he killed the adventurers to keep the discovery a secret. The crown has since been stolen and been lost again. It has mostly been in the hands of nobles several of which payed a kings ransom to acquire it. There has also been virtual wars fough over the crown.

While not of copper, the crown itself made from some kind of reddish gold metal. It is in fact unknown what the crown is really made from. The crown itself appears to be in the design of flames crackling. The crown has three large black gems in front that appear to be opals in the front. Each is in an oval shape, and central gem in front of the crown is by far the largest. The two smaller gems are the size of a mans last digit of his thumb and the larger gem is about twice the size. The crown will alter its size to be able to fit virtually any head.

The crown seems to have two basic powers. This is that the wearer can create an aura of flames around them. When the wearer bursts into flames, he can be extremely scary to behold and wearers have been known to use the ability to dominate others. This is similar to enchantments available on armors in the Western Empire. The wearer also has the ability to throw fireballs from his hand. The fireballs are more powerful than most from magical weapons and up to six fireballs can be thrown per day. The wearer is also immune to all normal magic when wearing the crown and only takes partial damage from magical flame.

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