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The Authors are not firearm dealers and do not have licences to sell or represent firearms inside or outside of the United States or any other country for that matter.
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This website is designed as a list of firearms for Role Playing Game use. Even so, for firearm owners and collectors, the list should be reasonably accurate and has a wide variety of firearms. The authors are not gunsmiths and do not have direct contact with firearm manufacturing companies. We cannot sell firearms, give advice on modifying, or tell even if various modifications are legal.

As firearms are a very important part of role playing games, it is important to be as accurate on the subject as can reasonably be. Each gun on the list is a real firearms. This netbook covers personal firearms, military small arms, and some heavier weapons. These page are primarily for Palladium Game systems but are useful as general background and for other games as well. Firearm prices are pulled from a variety of different sources including various firearm websites and magazines. Do not assume that these prices are accurate.

While this page is primarily designed for Role Playing Games, firearm safety is no game itself and both of us authors, Mischa and Kitsune, consider it important that we list firearm safety rules. Please click Here to look at the rules. As well, The owners of this page does NOT accept responsibility for any injuries that a viewer of this page may suffer now, or in the future, due to misuse of a firearm.

The Authors invite comments on anything on these pages. If you have any comments, you see any errors that need correction, or suggestions for Firearms that should be listed, rules, or other subjects, please Email us and we will try and return your message as soon as possible. We ask that with all corrections that you give a source that we can verify the information at.

The authors ask help from anyone willing to either write conversions for game systems other than Palladium and White Wolf to create full write-ups for firearms that we have not listed yet. In such cases, the writeup needs to written in html so as to reduce the author’s workload.






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