Heckler & Koch P11 [Single Shot & Other Pistols]:

The P11 by Heckler & Koch is one of those very special and very rare things, a firearm made specifically to be used underwater. In order to make the weapon function underwater the P11 uses a five shot “magazine”, although it is better to call it a barrel cluster. A Electrical cirquit (with the battery pack located in the grip) fires each barrel in turn. When all the barrels have been fired the shooter reloads by removing the entire barrel cluster and replacing it with a fresh one, after which the spend cluster is either discarded or returned to H&K for reloading.

The projectile fired is a 7.62 mm dart, optimalized for underwater use. It has enough power and accuracy to penetrate a diving mask at up to 15 meters, and can also inflict deadly wounds at up to that range, although it is debatable if the sight underwater will often allow for such long range shots. Sights are rather rudimentary and located on top of each barrel cluster. The Trigger guard is very large, to allow the use of the weapon when wearing diving gloves.

If used above water the P11 is effective at up to 30 meters distance, and apparently makes as much noise as a muffled 9 mm pistol.

Note: A weapon specially made for the German Bundeswehr "Kampfschwimmer" (Combat Divers), the P11 is a classified weapon, and has VERY limited availability both in and especially outside the Bundeswehr. The weapon is rumored to be used by the British SAS, and Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Israeli combat divers.

Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
Caliber:7.62 mm x 36
Barrel Length:7.2 inch (18 cm)
Action:Single Action Electrical
Range:50 ft (15 meters)(underwater) / 100 ft (30 m)(open air)
Magazine: 5 shot replacable barrel cluster
Cost: $ ?
Made in:Germany
Special: Specially made for underwater use, all polymer construction. Electrical ignition, uses sealed replacable barrel clusters. Available only to the military.

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