Maadi-Griffin MG-6 [Sniper Rifle]:

The Maadi-Griffin MG-6 is another entry into the field of large caliber, high quality selfloading rifles. It is a gas operated semi-automatic rifle, and uses a Bullpup configuration, with the magazine entering the reciever frm the left side. This means that the rifle is surprisingly short for its caliber. With a 26 inch barrel overal length is only 41 inches. Quite a bit smaller than a Barret M82, which has a length of 57 inches, with a barrel of 29 inches. The MG-6 can also be had with a barrel length of 36 inches.

Although the receiver is made in the USA, and the rifle is also assembled there, the excellent barrel is made by Lothar Walther Mfg. from Germany.

The weapon comes standard with a bipod and a very effective muzzle brake (don`t stand NEXT to the rifle when it is fired!). In fact, Maadi-Griffin claim that the muzzle brake is so effective that the rifle has *less* recoil than a 12 gauge shotgun! The reciever has a standard mount for a scope, no iron sights are available.The fit of all parts is excellent.

The box magazine comes in three sizes, 5, 10, or 13 rounds.

The picture above depicts the MG-6 with a 26 inch barrel. The magazine is hidden behind the receiver, just aft of the grip.

Weight: 23 lbs (10.5 kg) empty, no scope.
Caliber:.50 BMG
Barrel Length:26/36 inch (66/90 cm).
Overall Length:41/51 inches (103/129 cm).
Action:Gas operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only .
Range:5000 ft (1500 m).
Magazine:5,10, and 13 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 4,250.
Made in: USA.
Special: High quality manufacturing. Bullpup design. Barrel made by Lothar Walther Mfg., Germany. Comes standard with bipod, three magazines, and carrying case.

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