Stoner SR-25 [Automatic Rifle]:

High quality semi automatic sniper rifle. This weapon was designed by Eugene Stoner, and shares many of the characteristics of the M-16 and AR-10, including the gas-operated action. Unlike those guns however, the SR-25 was designed to be sniper rifle, and thus features rather better standards of manufacturing. The SR-25 is capable of outstanding accuracy well over two thousand feet distance, and for many this gun is a excellent alternative over the arguably better, but far more pricier, H&K PSG-1.

The weapon is of lightweight construction with a extruded aluminum frame and synthetic stock. the barrel is heavy, free floating, chrome plated, and of match grade. The action is based upon the direct gas tap of the M-16, with modifications to make it suitable for a high powered rifle. There is no carrying rail, instead there is a integrated Weaver type rib in the upper reciever, upon which a variety of scopes can be mounted. A optional surpressor can be mounted on the rifle as well. The weapon is made by Knights Mfg Co.

The magazines for the SR-25 are the same as used in the old AR-10, and are of the 20 round variety.

Weight: 10.75 lbs (4.88kg) empty, no scope.
Caliber:7.62x51mm NATO (.308).
Barrel Length:24 inch (61 cm).
Overall Length:46 inches (115 cm).
Action:Gas operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only .
Range:2200 feet (660 meters).
Magazine:20 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 2,495.
Made in: USA.
Special: High quality manufacturing. Extruded aluminum reciever, fitted with weaver rail for scope fitting. Fully adjustable trigger, free floating barrel.

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