Heckler & Koch MP5 [Submachine Gun]:

The MP5 is available in a variety of barrel lengths and calibers including 9 mm, 40 S&W, and even 10 mm. A selection of optional trigger types allow for single fire only, fully automatic, two round bursts, and three round burst options on the MP5. This weapon has dominated the submachinegun market for years and the design is three decades old and there is little sign of these weapons leaving service. It is used in both Law enforcement and military roles. The Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun uses the same delayed blowback operated roller-locked bolt system that is used in the famous H&K G3 Automatic Rifle used in several militaries. The weapon is constructed in a unique modular design and can use a variety of optional buttstocks, forearms, sight mounts, and other accessories. Most of the MP5 Submachine-guns have inyterchangeable parts which makes for easier training as well as obvious ease for getting repair parts. The MP5 can be disassembed without tools for maintenance and repair.

The MP5 in 9 mm is available with 15 and 30 round magazines. The MP5 in 10 mm and .40 S&W is available with 30 round magazines only.

Models include the:

MP5SF: semi-automatic only variant of the MP5 fitted with a trigger that prevents full automatic firing. The Trigger can be replaced with other MP5 triggers to allow burst and full automatic firing. This weapon is meant as a police car carbine and is meant partially to replace or supliment the police shotgun. Its advantages compared to the shotgun are are less recoil, greater range, and high ammunition capacity has is much easier to use by small stature officers.

MP5N: Developed for one of the United State's most elite special units, US Navy Seals, the MP5 “Navy” model comes with an ambidextrous trigger and a threaded barrel and has been operationally tested and proven.

MP5K:The MP5K is considered a close quarters weapon. It is 4.4 pounds and less than 13 inches long amd easily concealed and carried. All MP5Ks can be fitted with an optional folding buttstock. The MP5K can also be fired from inside a specially designed briefcase.

MP5K-PDW:The MP5K-PDW is compact and is designed for use by security details, vehicle operators, air crew members, and others who require a weapon that is both small and powerful. While it is comparable in performance to full size MP5s, the size and weight of the MP5K-PDW make this weapon a good choice when a combat rifle or full-sized submachine gun is considered unmanageable and a handgun is considered a poor compromise.

MP5SD: This weapon is for specialized applications that require full sound and flash suppression. The sound suppressor is removable but is integrated into the weapon’s design and conforms to the normal length and profile of an unsuppressed submachine gun. The MP5SD uses either an integral aluminum or optional wet technology stainless steel sound suppressor. The MP5SDIt does not require use of subsonic ammunition for effective sound reduction like most sound suppressed submachine guns.

MP5/40 and MP5/10: The MP5/40 and MP5/10 are improved variants of standard 9mm MP5 chambered for the more powerful .40 S&W and 10mm Auto cartridges. Several user inspired improvements have been incorporated into the designs. This includes a new bolt catch device that holds the bolt group rearward after the magazine is empty. Depressing the bolt catch releases the bolt to chamber the first round of aloaded magazine. Also the weapon has new lightweight synthetic magazines that are durable and ensure reliable feeding under the most extreme conditions. In 1994, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) adopted the MP5/10 as their new submachine gun.

Weight: MP5 6.47 lb (2.93 kg) MP5K 4.4 lb (2 kg) MP5/10 6.41 lb (2.9 kg)
Caliber: 9 mm, .40 S&W., and 10 mm
Barrel Length: MP5 8.85 inches (22.48 cm) MP5K 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) MP5/10 8.85 inches (22.48 cm)
Overall Length: MP5 21 inches (53.34 cm) stock in / 27.25 inches (69.2 cm)stock out MP5K 12.8 inches (32.5 cm) MP5/10 21 inches (53.34 cm) stock in / 27.25 inches (69.2 cm)stock out
Action: Delayed Blowback.
Mode of Fire:Four available: Semi-Automatic Only, Semi-Automatic & Two-Round Burst, Semi-Automatic & Three-Round Burst, and Semi-Automatic & Full-Automatic.
Range:300 ft (90 m).
Magazine:15 and 30 round box magazines.
Cost: $1200 to 2800 for Law Enforcement & Military (Civilan market they can be seen selling for $9000).
Made in: Germany.
Special: Small and lightweight, can be folded up, with a huge variety of different accesoires available.

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