Kitsune’s Star Wars Page:

The material on these pages is written up for the Star Wars universe using West End Games. Originally, West End Games was licenced to produce Star Wars role playing game materials. Much of the material was created during play in the Star Wars Universe.

This section is one of my smaller sections. As such, it is not broken up to the extent of other materials. Material in the section includes a couple of new fighter designs, a new side arm, and an non player charcater for the Star Wars Universe.

Also included in this section are conversions for both Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander using the West End Games system. They can be used in a variety of different ways within the context of the system / setting.

As with my other material, the author invites comments on any material on these pages. If you have any comments, if you wish me to publish one of your designs or ideas or simply wish to discuss Star Wars books materials or ideas pleases contact the author.

The Author of this website has very high standards to what will be accepted on their web page but if you think you have a design that qualifies, the author will be glad to look at it and let you know if it is good enough to accept on my page and try and give some constructive critism. The website author will attempt to get back to all who submit designs although it is not always possible.

Thanks need to be given to all the people who helped me with these ideas. I thank those people who I have gamed with across gaming tables, those who I have gamed with online, those who I have shared ideas with and have shared ideas back and forth both online and face to face. I also thank all the people who have sent me positive feedback on my creations.

Date in Parentheses () is last date the material was modified or when the material was originally added to the website.


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