Cylon Base-Star (Battlestar Galactica - Original):

The main capital ship of the Cylon empire is the Basestar. It is a very powerfull ship armed with hundreds of laser cannons and two mega-pulsars.

In many ways, these ships are more advanced than the Colonial Battlestars with a gravimetric propulsion system in place of the ion drives carried on the Battlestars. This means that the ship does not have to carry fuel for itself but the ship does have to carry does carry fuel for the starfighters because the Raiders do use Ion drives. Unlike a battlestar, the ship can also operate in an atmosphere. The Battlestar can accelerate faster than a Base Star only because the ship devotes a full third of the ship to propulsion systems

. The ship hull carries about the same amount of armor as a Battlestar but is of less advanced alloys. The ships has more powerful shields compensating for the weaker armor.

The ship also carries about three times the number of fighters and troops that a Colonial Battlestar carries.

This writeup is a writeup of the ship using the Star Wars RPG.

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