Harmony Blackstone

Harmony Blackstone's History (In her own words):

Before all the "great" heroes, there were a few people who fought alone against the night. A few of us became heroes but most of us have died and are forgotten in hundreds of unknown graveyards or floating frozen in the cold of space. Who am I, just another fighter pilot. I fly the Y-Wing, many of the pilots of the X Wings and A-Wings give us a hard time but we still are an important backbone of the fighter forces. I fought in many battles. Most of the names of the battles you would not know but several battles everybody has heard of. I fought in the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor. Before Skywalker succeeded at his attack run, I was preparing to make my run. There was very few of us by then and it was important for us to make all attempt to destroy that monstrosity that we could. While I have the greatest respect for Jedi Knight Skywalker and General Solo, the rest of us deserve more credit especially the many dead.

Next, you will ask how I became a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. I am the daughter of an Imperial Captain. Arden Blackstone, my father, originally served within the Republic fleet but when it became the Empire, he became a loyal servant of the Emperor. In an ironic twist of fate, I have found that my early history is similar to Jedi Knight Skywalker's history. I have found that like his father, my father was a powerful Jedi that was also subverted by the Emperor. Another ironic item is that I also have a twin, a twin brother. My mother tried to escape with us but she was killed in the escape by pirates. The ship escaped the pirates but no one knew who we were. Because of this, we were put in orphanages and were adopted by two different groups. I do not know who adopted my brother because he will not talk about it but when I met him later, he was a member of a pirate clan. I was far luckier, I was adopted by Davin Dentell, a retired Republic fighter pilot. He has told me about his adventures and even after my years of service for the Rebellion and the New Republic, I am still amazed by his career. The Imperial Government had cut the pensions of the retired Republic service personnel and he found himself needing income. He joined a circus and worked as a stunt pilot. He taught me to pilot a fighter and I could not ask for a better teacher. In the end, he started getting sick so I took over his job. Just before he died, he gave me information on how to join the Rebel Alliance and told me that if he was younger he would have joined it himself.

Personal Information

Name: Harmony Blackstone
Species: Human
Occupation: Brash Pilot (Y-Wing)
Rank: Major (Navy)
Ship: Y-Wing
Sex: Female
Age: 32 standard years
Height: 1.7 m (5' 8")
Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Build: Slender but muscular
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Money: 20,000 credits
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Physical Description:
Harmony Blackstone is very attractive but she does not realize it. If She was described in modern terms, she could be called beautiful enough to be a model. She has black hair and blue eyes. She has a slender but muscular frame and is not fragile looking.
Very disciplined, many say driven or wound tight. In reality, she is simply lonely. Most of the friends she ever have had died in the years she has served in the Rebellion and the New Republic. The only two people she will relax in company with is her brother, her friend Tonya Helmuth, and her R-2 Unit. Harmony is a tomboy and no one has ever seen her in true female attire. Also, even though she is good looking, she does not realize it and believes that she is plain. She is slightly slovenly and is constantly chided by her R-2 unit when leaving clothing on the floor or her clothing.
"I am a fighter pilot not a princess so don't treat me like one."
"I am not a hero, the people who are buried in nameless graves or are forever frozen in space are the real heroes."
"Adventure, hah, a fighter pilot does not crave these things. A fighter pilot craves a pillow and an unbroken nights sleep."


(Skills in italics indicate a specialization of the base skill above.)
Blaster 5d Bureacracy 5d Astrogation 6d+2
Brawling Parry 3d Cultures 3d Communication 5d
Dodge 6d Intimidation 2d Sensors 5d
Energy Weapons
7d Languages 6d Space Transports 7d
Lightsaber 4d+2 Planetary Systems 3d Starfighter Piloting 7d
Melee Combat 3d Streetwise 4d
Running 3d+2 Survival 5d Starship Gunnery 6d
Vehicle Blasters 3d+2 Tactics - Starfighter 5d
    Value 2d    
    Willpower 5d    
Command 7d Brawling 3d Blaster Repair 3d+2
Y-Wing Squadrons
8d Climb/Jump 4d Computer Prog/Repair 4d
Con 3d Stamina 5d Droid Programming 4d
Gambling 3d Swimming 4d Droid Repair 4d
Investigation 4d     Astromech 7d
Persuasion 4d     Repulsorlift Repair 4d
Search 4d     (A) Starfighter Engineering 3d
        Starfighter Repair 6d
        Starship Weapon Repair 6d

Force Skills

Absorb/Dissipate Energy Receptive Telepathy  
Hibernation Trance Life Detection  
Control Pain Life Sense  
  Magnify Senses  
  Sense Force  


Equipment of Note:

Comm-link (Military); Med-Pack; Datapad; Vehicle Toolkit; Droid Toolkit

R2D9 Astromech Droid

Y-Wing Starfighter; Z-95 Starfighter

New Republic Uniform; Civilian Clothes; Vacuum Suit

Weapons of Note

Type Damage Range Ammo
DL-18 Blaster Pistol 4d 10 / 30 / 120 100
Quicksnap 36T 5d 25 / 50 / 250 100
Hold-Out Blaster 3d 4 / 8 / 12 6
Lightsaber 5d+

Enemy Spacecraft Kills of Note:

(* designates an assist)
Y-Wing Starfighter Z-95 Starfighter
120+ 15+


Tyrone Menkar Brother; Pirate
Tonya Helmuth Friend; Smuggler

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