W-Wing Fast Attack Modular Star Fighter:

From: Jackill's Guide to Light Attack Craft

While this fighter is externally very similar to the A-Wing Starfighter and it is very hard to tell the difference between the two fighters externally, the fighter is quite a bit different than a standard A-Wing. The only noticeable differnce is that the fighter is slightly larger. The fighter was constructed from modular components. This gives the fighter two advantages over the standard A-Wing. The first advantage is that the fighter can be repaired much quicker. In many cases, the flight crew can simply remove the damaged system and replace it with an undamaged system with a a little bit of unbolting. The second advantage is that the fighter can carry special interchangeable modules. The fighter has spaces for two modules. The ships designers have so far designed four different types of modules. These modules include a jamming module, a more powerful sensor system, a full nav computer, or a concussion torpedo launcher. The launcher takes both modules so the fighter cannot carry any other systems when it is carrying the missile launchers.

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