Kilrathi Strahka Stealth Starfighter (Wing Commander):

This is the Strakha Fighter from Wing Commander II the Video Game set up for Starwars RPG. This fighter is equipped with a cloaking device that makes the fighter invisible on both visuals and sensors. Unfortunately, this ystem takes up a huge amount of space and the ship has weak armor and shields. While the fighter cannot fire its weapons when its cloaking device is engaged. The fighter is slow for its size but does have afterburners. If the afterburners are on the vehicle has +20 added to ALL difficulties except to dodge which gives a bonus of +20. It can afterburner for a maximum of twenty turns. It has no ejection system like most Kilrathi Fighters.

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CGI / Artwork of starship created by Deathsnake. Picture taken from Wing Commander CIC.

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