Colonial Battlestar (Battlestar Galactica - Original):

This is one of the main capital ship used by the Colonies before the destruction of all the colonies. They were built about one thousand years before the destruction of the colonies and are a marvel of engineering and endurance. They have been continuously upgraded throughout their long service and are potent warships. The ships act as both battleships and carriers and are capable of engaging the defenses of many planets. In general firepower and fighter compliment, the Battlestar is less powerful and has a smaller fighter and troop capacity. The ship makes up the difference by being armed with heavy missiles and her fighters are superior to cylon raiders. The general crew quality is also far superior for both the ship itself and her fighters. The ship is faster than her Cylon countepart but that is only due to the fact that the ships uses a lot more space for propulsion than the Base-Star does.

There was a total of twelve Battlestars constructed. Ships names are Galactica, Atlantia, Colombia, Pegasus, Rycon, Acropolis, Pacifa, Bellerophon, Cerberus, Olympia, Prometheus, Solaria. There were five known remaining Battlestars when the peace conference occurred. Galactica, Atlantia, Acropolis, Pacifica, and Colombia (the Pegasus was though destroyed). It is though that all but the Galactica were destroyed. It is thought that all Battlestars with the exception of the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus were destroyed when the colonies but it is possible other Battlestars might have survived one of the battles.

Battlestars normally have a crew of 496 and have a total of 75 fighters

Due to the emergency conditions that the Galactica found itself in, the Galactica ended up carrying more personnel and a larger fighter compliment that the ship was designed for. The ship had its crew increased to 1,012 and fighter compliment increased to 120 fighters.

This writeup is a writeup of the ship using the Star Wars RPG. Figures listed in Brackets [] are for the Galactica following the destruction

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