Wing Commander Introduction for Star Wars:

Wing Commander is a series of Video games written by Origin Systems. The General premise is that the human race have gone to the stars and have formed a government known as the Confederation, a loose knit group of planets. The Confederation is fighting for its life against a race known as the Kilrathi. In Wing Commander II, the Human Confederation is just barely holding its own.

The TCS Lafayette:

The TCS Lafayette is at the time of her construction the most advanced Confederation ship and was the second ship of the Concordia Carrier/ Dreadnought class launched. Because of an emergency, just after the ships was launched the ship had to be rushed to the battlefront. The ship was rushed to the area so quickly that shipyard workers were still on board and doing work on the ship when the ship reached the battlefront. As the ship passes bases along its route, crew members were pulled from both other ships and ground installations to fill out the crew. Even though the Lafayette was still being worked on, she was rated as ready for combat. Her battle group was completed by the addition of two cruisers, the TCS Agincourt and the TCS Canberra.

The Lafayette battle group was attempting to catch a Kilrathi carrier task force that was in a position to be able to attack Confederation inner systems if not stopped. The Lafayette fleet was pursuing them in a sector that had a large number of black holes. The Kilrathi fleet had just jumped through a previously unknown jump point several hours earlier and the captain of Lafayette decided to jump through the same jump point. The result is that the ship ends in the Universe of Star Wars about one year after the death of the Emperor and the battle of Endor. The ship ends up between New Republic space and Imperial space.

Notes on Game Conversions & Adventures:

The general time line can of course be changed to reflect the time frame the player characters are in. The players characters should be involved in first contact. One method is to have both a Confederation and New Republic meet while on patrol. If the player Characters are marines, add a few troop transports to the Confederation fleet and have them meet on a planet instead

Plots twists can include many items. I have include two possible plot aspects. On the smaller scale you can have a PC Confederation person be force sensitive and find a Jedi for training. This can be a huge problem if the person leaves without permission and can cause conflict between the New Republic, who sees a person going for Jedi training as special, an the Confederation, who sees it as desertion - a capital offense in time of war. On the larger scale, you can have the Empire use the Kilrathi as a distraction or even use then as pawns by the use of tricks. It is very unlikely that the Kilrathi and the empire will form a pact because they are both Xenophobic. The Empire could also steal Kilrathi cloaking equipment for fighters and outfit some of their TIE bombers with the cloaking device (this will probably reduce missiles by half).

Hyper Space & Jump Point:

The starships in Wing Commander that can travel from star system to star system use jump point, which seem to be some type of unusual fixed phenomena. When the ship activates its jump engines, it will be instantly be moved to another fixed jump point. This jump point will be the only destination and both are linked. These jump points can be close together or far apart and the random nature of the network of jumpoints may force a ship to jump from five or six jump points to get to a location just a few light years away.

If the Gm wishes to use jump points, simply ignore the jump speed of the Confederation ships and draw a map of jump points for your game. Only ships that are listed as having hyperdrives are assumed to have jump drives. All fighters and bombers that can jump (very few) uses half of their fuel on each jump so unless they have tanker support they are limited to a total of two jumps without tanker support.

The option is just to use the hyperdrive multiples listed and assume that the ships use a similar FTL propulsion system to other ships in Star Wars.

Capital Ship Shields:

Capital ship shields are immune to most fighter weapons in Wing Commander II Video game. GM have two options. The first is to apply this and have the only fighter carried weapons that effect the ships the Ship Killer Missiles, Concussion Missiles, Proton Torpedoes, and Nuclear weapons such as the Mace on the Morningstar fighter. If the GM decides that it is to powerful, he can simply use the shield strengths as listed and ignore the special rules.

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