Website Updates:

A few years after the website was started, the owner received numerous requests for an update page. Due to this popular demand, this update page was created so that people who were interested could keep track on the latest updates.

The updates are in reverse order with the newest updates on top of the page and the older updates further down the page. In some cases, file names may be changed to fit better in with the description or for better organization. In some cases, files have been reorganized as well. The author attempts to update the links in updates but mistakes may be made.

In such cases, please send a message to the author and the author will attempt to fix any broken links. The website has around 4,300 files in multiple directories and it is a case that the files are hard to keep track of. In most cases, any file name change will be listed on the update list as well so people who are linking to my page should keep an eye on my update list.

Starting in 2003, the lists are archived so that the history can be traced. Beginning of each year (when the list is next updated), a new list is started and the previous year is archived. Unfortunately, archives from years previous to 2003 are unavailable.

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