Techno-Wizard Nautilus class Fast Attack Submarine:

Techno-Wizards have come up with many unusual ideas including the refitting of navy cruisers from long before the Great Cataclysm and even creating enchanted versions of old sail frigates. Many of these creations are at least loosely based on real life vehicles but there are exceptions. This includes designs that are taken from pure fantasy. One of these, the Nautilus class submarine, is not based on any real world submarine but is actually copied from the fictional submarine “Nautilus” from the author Jules Verne’s novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

Where the Techno-Wizards who manufacture these vessels operate from is a mystery but they are works of art and can be considered as capable as modern submarines in most respects. Like most Techno-Wizard creations, the submarines involve a combination of both magic and technology. Between magic and technology, the submarine might be considered more dangerous than the sum total of both.

In appearance, the submarines does look much very much like the submarine from the Disney film version of the story “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” from long before the Great Cataclysm. A couple of major exceptions in the appearance are that in the bow of the submarine has four torpedo tubes and on top of the bow are twelve missile launching tubes. Compared to many submarines before the coming of the Great Cataclysm, the Nautilus class is considered to be on the small size.

While how many of these submarines exist is unknown, there have been a number of encounters reported by Coalition naval forces. It is assumed by those in Coalition naval command that reported encounters are only a small fraction of actual encounters. These submarines are considered a serious threat by the Coalition leadership and there has been a sink on sight order given. Many captains have grave concerns with this order because it is quite likely such encounters will go badly for Coalition forces.

One thing that the submarine was not built for was for effective hydrodynamics. On the hull are a great many projects that look like horns and spines, meant to make the submarine look like the vessel from fiction. All of this makes the submarine extremely noisy. In comparison, most navies make their submarines with tremendous effort put towards reduction in noise. It is not for nothing that submarine forces were called the “Silent Service.”

In addition, the submarine was designed to be incredibly fast, forty knots both on the surface and underwater. It is one of the fastest submarines built since the Great Cataclysm. Even prior to the cataclysm, few submarines were designed for such great speeds. With even with the best efforts made to reduce the noise of the submarine, at those speeds the submarine would be incredibly easy to detect.

Magic though can solve problems easily that are impossible to do with technology. In fact, with magic, these submarines are some of the quietest submarines in the oceans. The techno-wizards came up with a way to enchant the hull, including projections from the hull, with a variation on the spell “Globe of Silence.” Other submarines have the same enchantment but in the case of the Nautilus, the enchantment is always active. Otherwise, the enchantment projects about eighteen inches (or almost half a meter) from the boat itself.

Theoretically one might be able to find the submarine bu looking for an area of the water that is actually too quiet but in practice this would be next to impossible. Only the very best sonar operators would have any real chance at all. As an added benefit, the submarine is complete undetectable by active sonar systems and torpedoes cannot lock on the submarine using their sonar. Torpedo launches from the Nautilus are also almost impossible to detect.

Of course this special enchantment initially created a number of major problems for the submarine. The main one was that submarine could not hear anything using a hull sonar because the sonar would be in the area of silence. For this reason, a special sonar system was developed for the submarine. Comprising of micro-arrays, the sonar system actually extends out the flanks of the submarine. The system is reasonably capable but due to the small size of the arrays, it is relatively short ranged.

Even with the special micro arrays, most captains prefer to rely more on their towed sonar array. Because it extends far out from the rear of the submarine, the “Globe of Silence” has no real effect on the performance of the towed array. It is believed that the designs for the sonar systems were either purchased from Golden Age Weaponsmiths or that they were pirated from old American Empire submarines. Some might even have been salvaged from old submarines depots.

Compared to more modern sonar systems, such as those used by the United States Navy just prior to the Great Cataclysm, the sonar of the Nautilus is both relatively short ranged and not as capable generally. Still, few submarines built since the Great Cataclysm has advanced sonar systems and the sonar on the Nautilus is generally considered adequate. In addition, the actual electronics are far smaller than those originally used with the towed sonar array.

While many techno-wizard designs take advantage of modern high strength composites and alloys, the builders of the Nautilus decided to go with enchanted materials. Even so, the submarine is incredible strong and is able to withstand a huge amount of abuse. In addition, the submarine appears to be able to dive to incredible depths. Rumors credit the submarine being able to dive to depths of eight kilometers. The new Coalition Orca class submarine is credited at only being able to dive to about one quarter of that.

As one might expect, life support for the techno-wizard submarine is magical in nature. The allows for the Nautilus class submarine to operate for incredible long periods of time. The only real limitations are with regard to food and ordnance. Effectively these are only reasons why the techno-wizard submarine will need to be resupplied from time to time.

Weapon systems of the Nautilus class submarine are a mixture of pure technological and techno-wizardry designs. Those of pure technological origins include four standard twenty one inch torpedo tubes in the bow and twelve vertical launch missile launchers mounted just behind them. Long range missile launchers are arrayed in three rows of four. Twenty torpedoes are normally carried for reloads for the torpedo tubes. Even though the torpedo tubes are a fundamentally a non-magical system, enchanted torpedoes can be fired as well as more conventional ones. While special encapsulated long range and cruise missiles can also be fired from the torpedo tubes, they are rarely carried.

As far as magical weaponry, the Nautilus class mounts a pair of Techno-Wizard telekinetic Gatling cannons. While also usable underwater, the telekinetic weapons are in mounts that retract into the hull when not in use. Primary role of these two cannons is considered to be for self defense against missiles and other airborne targets. Underwater, they can be useful against torpedoes that somehow manage to target the submarine. Periodically the enchantments do need to be renewed in order to remain effective.

While the submarine does carry noisemakers to decoy torpedoes, they are considered of very limited utility. This due to the fact that getting a torpedo lock is virtually impossible unless the Nautilus is using active sonar which the boats, submarine, or other vehicle can track on. Most captains consider the noise makers to be basically a hold over from the original development process.

Because the submarine is considered fairly small when compared to some of the new submarines and much of the submarine is taken up by equipment, the crew spaces on the submarine are cramped. It does not mean that the interior of the vessels are not works of art in their own right. Wherever possible, the submarine is designed to look internally much like the Nautilus from descriptions in the Jules Verne’s novel that inspired the design. The Disney movie also plays a part in the appearance of these techno-wizard submarines.

Even though the boat has a crew of less than forty, only the two senior officers have their own quarters. Luckily, much of the submarine’s internal equipment on the submarine is smaller than the Twentieth Century equivalent. Finally, the submarine has the ability to carry a small compliment of twelve mystic power armors. Various underwater power armors can also be substituted.

Model Type: TW-SS-20K.

Vehicle Type: Ocean, Magical Fast Attack Submarine.

Crew: 38 (4 officers) with usually at least two techno-wizard or other spell casting types (three or four is preferred.)

Troops: 12 (pilots for Mystic / Underwater Power Armors).

Robots, Power Armors, and Vehicles:



Mystic / Underwater Power Armors .

M.D.C. by Location:


Retractable Telekinetic Gatling Cannons (2, forward and aft):

125 each.


21 inch (533 mm) Heavy Torpedo Tubes (4, bow of submarine):

80 each.


Vertical Long Range Missile Launchers (18, forward of sail):

40 each.


Main Sail / Bridge:



Towed Sonar Array Housing (aft):



[1] Bow Planes (2):

280 each.


[2] Propeller (1):



[3] Main Body:



[4] “Armor of Ithan” Force Field (three times per day):



[1] Destroying the submarine’s bow planes will reduce the submarine’s ability to change depths but will not eliminate it. It also makes it difficult for the submarine’s crew to control the submarine giving a penalty of -25% to all underwater piloting rolls.

[2] Destroying the submarine’s propeller causes serious problem. The submarine will no longer be able to use forward momentum and the bow planes to keep the submarine level. It is recommended that ballast tanks are immediately blown so submarine comes to the surface.

[3] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body destroys the submarine’s structural integrity, causing it to sink. If the submarine is underwater, the entire crew will die unless protected by environmental armors that can withstand the pressure that the submarine is under. If on the surface, there are enough flotation devices and inflatable life rafts to accommodate everyone aboard.

[4] As per the spell “Armor of Ithan” - Magic, fire, lightning, and cold all inflict one-half damage. Each activation lasts for 30 minutes (120 melee rounds.)


Surface: 46 mph (40 knots /74.1 kph).

Underwater: 46 mph (40 knots /74.1 kph).

Maximum Depth: 5 miles (8,000 meters).

Range: Effectively Unlimited due to magical propulsion and life support (engines needs to be refueled / renewed every 20 years and requires maintenance as well). The submarine carries four (4) months worth of supplies on board.

Statistical Data:

Draft:    24.6 feet (7.50 meters).

Length:  295.8 feet (90.16 meters).

Width:   32.8 feet (10.00 meters).

Displacement: 2,650 tons surfaced and 3,420 tons submerged.

Cargo: Submarine is very cramped, 6 tons (5.44 metric tons) of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Boat’s officers have more space for personal items although still cramped. Most of the boat’s spaces are take up by extra torpedoes, weapons, and engines.

Power System: Magical and Nuclear Fusion, should have an average life span of 20 years

Black Market Cost: Very rare and expensive, normal cost is about 600 million credits but often will costs much more. Cost does not include any embarked craft and power armors.


  1. Two (2) Retractable Telekinetic Gatling Cannons: Mounts have been enchanted by a series of spells so the cannons act as a more powerful version of the standard Telekinetic Machine gun. Each mount is retractable inside of the boats hull for when the submarine is diving although can be used underwater against torpedoes and other targets. This increases the weapons damage and instead of being reloaded, the cannons must be recharged each by the spell Telekinesis and 100 P.P.E. once per month. The cannons inflict full damage to targets that are impervious to energy. Additional optics and fire control have been added to enable the system to track and target aircraft and missiles.

    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,220 meters).

    Mega-Damage: 12D6 each.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).

    Payload: Unlimited, although the spells (100 P.P.E. each cannon) on each must be renewed every month whether the cannon have been used or not.

  2. Four (4) 21 inch (533 mm) Heavy Torpedo Tubes: On the bow of the submarine are four modern torpedo tubes. Tubes are 21 inches (533 mm) wide and torpedoes can be used against both surface ships and submarines. The submarine has an automatic reloading system to reduce crew although tubes can still be manually reloaded in emergency. For warheads, heavy torpedoes should be treated as having long range missiles warheads. Along with standard torpedoes, launcher can also fire missiles in special canisters, rocket boosted anti-submarine torpedoes, and even mines. There are also special techno-wizard torpedoes available. A total of twenty heavy torpedoes are carried for reloads. Mines and missiles are rarely carried.

    Maximum Effective Range: 40 miles (34.8 nautical miles / 64 km) for torpedoes.

    Mega-Damage: By heavy torpedo warhead type (See revised Rifts torpedoes for details.) Although rarely carried, can also fire missiles (Long range or cruise missiles) in special canisters as well (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire heavy torpedoes one at a time or in volleys of two (2), three (3), or four (4) torpedoes. Reloading tubes one full melee round.

    Payload: Four (4) heavy torpedoes total. Has twenty (20) additional heavy torpedoes for reloads. Can potentially carry two mines for each torpedo normally carried.

  3. Twelve (12) Vertical Launch Long Range Missile Launchers: In the front of the submarine but behind the torpedo tubes, the submarine has a vertical launch system for launching missiles. These are mounted in three rows of four tubes. Missiles are launched in special canisters that enable the missiles to be used in depths down to around 150 feet (45.7 meters.) While primarily designed to engage surface and shore targets, can also engage aircraft. Most missiles normally carried are fusion warheads as well as being smart guidance type missiles. In some cases, sea skimming missiles are carried instead of standard missiles.

    Maximum Effective Range: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)

    Mega-Damage: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire long range missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or six (6) long range missiles and can be fired at multiple targets at the same time.

    Payload: Twelve (12) long range missiles total. Submarine carries no reloads.

  4. Noisemakers: The submarine carries noisemakers in order to decoy torpedoes. They are most effective against normal torpedoes and less effective against “smart” torpedoes. Considered in many ways to be the last line of defense against incoming torpedoes and similar systems are carried on most submarines. The noisemakers are launched from the middle of the submarine. Considered effective useless when “Globe of Silence” is active by most captains / crews.

    Effects: 50% of decoying normal torpedoes and 20% of decoying smart torpedoes.

    Rate of Fire: Two (2) noisemakers at a time (Can be reloaded in one melee round).

    Payload: Twenty (20) noisemakers.

  5. Techno-Wizard Modifications: The Nautilus has the following Techno-Wizard Modifications built into the boat. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the boats crew or P.P.E. battery. The P.P.E. and I.S.P. values listed inside of the parenthesis are if using higher P.P.E. costs for larger vehicles.

    Special Features: 

    Impervious to Energy (8th level)

    20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P. (40 P.P.E. or 80 I.S.P.)


    Invisibility-Superior (8th level)

    20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P. (40 P.P.E. or 80 I.S.P.)


    Shadow Meld (8th level)

    10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P. (20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.)

Special Systems:

The submarine has all systems standard on a robot vehicle plus the following special features:

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