Heckler & Koch CAWS (Close Assault Weapon System) [Shotgun]:

Experimental shotgun designed to be able to be fired both semi automatic and fully automatic. In automatic mode, cyclic rate was reported to be 240 Rounds per Minute. It was developed by H&K with Olin/Winchester and uses a non standard brass case ammunition. The cartridge is basically a 12 gauge but it is non standard and the CAWS cannot use standard 12 Gauge ammunition. As well, the 12 Gauge ammunition developed for the CAWS cannot be used in standrad shotguns.

The Heckler & Koch CAWS model was AAI's competitor in US military trials for a combat shotgun. The project was later cancelled and neither weapon entered active service. As well, there seems to be no plans to produce this weapon. The weapon is bulpup in desing with the magazine behind the trigger and the shotgun is constructed from polymars and composites. Even so, the weapon is quite hefty and is about nine and a half pounds. Shotgun has a 1x optical sight in handle.

The shotgun uses 10 round magazines.

Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg).
Caliber:12 Gauge (Non Standard).
Barrel Length: 18 inches (45.7 cm).
Overall Length:25 inches (63.5 cm).
Action:Gas Operated.
Mode of Fire:Semi Automatic, Three Round Burst, and Fully Automatic.
Range:300 ft (90 m).
Magazine:10 round.
Cost: 1500?
Made in: Germany.
Special: Capable of Fully Automatic Fire. Integral 1x optical sight in handle.

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