Fabrique National MAG-58 [Machine Gun]:

The FN MAG is the standard medium machine gun of many NATO countries, including the USA and Great Britain. It fires the powerful 7.62 NATO cartridge, and although the effective accuracy is little more that 2200 feet, its effective range for support fire is at least twice that.

The MAG is of solid all-steel manufacture, and features a quickly interchangable barrel. In recent US army tests it became clear that the MAG was able to fire a average of 26,000 (!) rounds between failures under battlefield conditions. This makes it arguably the most reliable medium machine gun in existence. It was this reliability that was one of the deciding factors in the US army`s deciscion to purchase the MAG as their M240 series of machine guns, replacing the M60 machine gun.

The MAG is fed by means of a desintegrating 100 round belt.

Weight: 23.7 lbs (10.85kg).
Caliber:7.62x51mm NATO (.308).
Barrel Length:27.8 inch (54.5 cm).
Overall Length:50.4 inches (126 cm).
Action:Gas operated .
Mode of Fire:Fully Automatic .
Rate of Fire:600 - 1000 Rounds per minute .
Range:2200 feet (660 meters).
Feed:100 round belt.
Cost: $ 2,495.
Made in: Belgium, USA.
Special: Extremely reliable, good accuracy, great availability (NATO standard).

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