Beretta M93R [Submachine Gun]:

In the seventies and early eighties Italy was plagued by several terrorist organisations. Due to their hit and run assaults, kidnappings and hostage taking, lots of people got themselves bodyguards. And from this situation arose the need for a compact sidearm that had a lot of firepower. Enter Beretta and their (then) new M93R. Beretta had equipped a pistol with the ability to fire fully automatic before, with their M951, but while succesful, it had also shown that a pistol-sized weapon was very difficult to control in fully automatic fire. Thus the M93R was equipped with a three shot burst mechanism. This marvel of preciscion engineering is located under the right grip panel, and together with the folding grip on the front of the gun and a detachable shoulder stock it made the M93R controllable. Firing either single shots or the devestating three shot burst, it is a typical Beretta firearm, mechanically solid, and a with great finish. Accuracy in single shot mode is simply good, but most shooters will have trouble keeping the gun on target with the three shot burst mode engaged. A solid stace and a good grip can counter this to a great extent though.

However, the design also has some drawbacks. Due to the inclusion of the burst mechanism, the gun only has a single action trigger. The internal drop safety is gone too (So DON`T drop it when loaded!), and the safety can only be engaged when the hammer is cocked. A safe gun to carry loaded it isn`t. Lastly the safety is rather small, and is easily confused with the firing selector just in front of it.

The M93R uses a 20 shot magazine, although any magazine for the standard M92 series will fit.

Note: The M93R is no longer made, and is more and more relegated to the position of a "cult" weapon. Also, since it can fire fully automatic bursts, a special permit to own the gun is needed.

Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
Caliber:9 mm
Barrel Length:6 inch (15 cm)
Action:Single Action / Three Shot Burst
Range:165 ft (50 m)
Magazine: 20 + 1
Cost: $ 1,200
Made in:Italy
Special: Good quality and workmanship, comes standard with a detachable shoulder stock. Extreme rate of fire in burst mode. Barrel features a compensator.

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