Heckler & Koch UMP 45 [Submachine Gun]:

Heckler and Koch have long dominated the marked for submachine guns with their MP5 models. This design is over three decades old, and H&K has been busy for over a decade with designing a new submachine gun. The UMP45 (Universal Machine Pistol caliber .45) is the final product of this development, and it looks to be as sure a winner as the MP5 series is.

The entire stock is made from a polymer, giving the gun high strenght, yet low weight. The Buttstock can be folded onto the right side of the gun as a standard, yet is very stable and solid feeling. On the stock are several Weaver-type rails, for mounting equipment on. Instead of the MP5`s roller-delayed action, the gun has a simple Blow-back action. It fires from a closed bolt. Several trigger options are available.

The most surprising item is the caliber: the UMP fires the .45 ACP cartridge, and not the 9mm as most other submachine guns. A variety of different accesoires is available, incluiding a sling, a vertical fore-grip, silencers, sights and lamps.

The UMP45 is delivered with a 25 round magazine standard, but 10 round magazines are also available.

Weight:4.63 lbs (2.08 kg) (empty)
Caliber:.45 ACP
Barrel Length:7.87 inch (20 cm)
Overall Length:27 inch (67.5 cm), 17.7 inch (44.25 cm) with folded stock
Action:Unlocked blowback, fires from closed bolt.
Mode of Fire:3 available: Semi-Automatic Only / Semi-Automatic + Two-Round Burst / Semi-Automatic + Full-Automatic.
Rate of Fire:580 to 700 rpm depending on ammo.
Range:250 ft (76.2 m)
Magazine:25 and 10 round box magazines.
Cost: $ 1500 (Estimated).
Made in: Germany.
Special: Polymer construction, lightweight. Powerful cartridge. Very ergonomic. Many accesoires available.

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