Calico M-950 [Submachine Gun]:

The Calico M-950 is a range of different weapons best classsified by size as submachinegun. The weapon series is know for their large capacity top mounted magazines. There is a 'Mini-submachinegun' version with a retractable butt-stock, a 'Light' model with with a solid butt-stock, and a 'Concealable' model with the barrel not extending from the fore-end. Listed information is for 'Mini-Submachine' model. The weapon is selective fire and is blowback operated. The weapon has a rate of fire of about 750 rounds per minute. The selector is on the fron edge of the trigger guard.

There are similar civilan models of the weapon that are normally classified as rifles. This model is know as the Calico Liberty. The weapon has a longer barrel (16 inches) and are not fully automatic. Specifications for Liberty rifle are listed in brackets [].

All versions use the same reciever and helical feed magazines. The weapons stocks are made of polymer. The top mounted magazines are available in either 50 or 100 rounds. The 100 round magazine stretches over the end of the reciever.

Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.17 kg) empty [Liberty: 7 lbs (3.17 kg).]
Caliber:9 mm Parabellum
Barrel Length:13 inches (33.0 cm) [Liberty: 16.1 in. (40.6 cm).]
Full Length:25.5 inches (64.7 cm) with stock retracted, 34.5 inches (83.5 cm) with stock extended. [Liberty: 34.5 in. (87.6 cm).]
Action:Fully Automatic [Liberty: Semi-Automatic.]
Mode of Fire:Blowback
Rate of Fire:750 Rounds per minute
Range:250 ft (76.2 m)
Magazine: 50 and 100 round magazines
Cost: $1000 [Liberty: $680.]
Made in:United States
Special:large capacity magazine and polymer frame

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