K-VAR AKU-94 [Automatic Rifle]:

The AKU-94 is a modification kit for the Standard AK-47 rifle that converts the combat rifle to a shorter bullpup configuration by changing the stocks, trigger assembly, and other components. The rifle length is reduced by about 10 inches and weight by about one pound. As well, the modification is easy to install with simple tools and allows for the attaching of various scopes. This conversions kit is likely to be usable on the AK-74 as well and on either semi automatic and fully automatic versions of the rifle.

The AKU-94 Conversion kit is made in the United States and is relatively inexpensive. The company that manufactures the conversion kit also sells an already converted model. The AKU-94 retains all oif the standard features of the rifle converted. Listed below is the conversion on an AK-47.

Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.95 kg) empty,
Caliber:7.62 Soviet (7.62x39 mm) - Can theoretically be chambered in other calibers
Barrel Length: 16.3 inches (41.5 cm)
Overall Length: 27.25 inches (69.2 cm).
Action:Gas Operated.
Mode of Fire:Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic (Most Civilain AK-47 are Semi-Automatic).
Range:984 feet (300 meters).
Magazine:30 rounds.
Cost:Conversion Kit $250 and converted rifle $600.
Made in:Rifle: Russia /Former USSR (Many Other Nations make copies for their militaries or for sale). Conversion Kit: United States
Special:The AK-47 is a tought and powerful rifle. The conversion kit makes it lighter and shorter.

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