Fabrique National (FN) P90 [Submachine Gun]:

The FN P90 was developed to be a replacement for the conventional Sub-machinegun, specifically for military use. The goal was to develop a weapon that could easily penetrate body-armor, was lightweight, small, had a large magazine capacity, and low recoil. The P90 and the cartridge that it fires (the SS-190) were the result. Capable of easily penertrating body-armor, the P90 has been adopted by numerous government agencies all over the world, although real large orders have not been placed. Its most public appearance so far was during the siege on a Japanese embassy: When the Embassy was stormed, security troops shot the terrorist leader with a P90. Right through his body-armor.

The P90 looks highly unconventional, with its top loaded magazine, polymer construction, integral sights, and its unusual stock. The weapon uses a simple blowback mechanism, and the entire barrel/bolt assembly can be lifted out of the weapon in seconds. Attached directly to this assembly is the sight. This is a non-enlarging scope, and it features a recticle which is highly visible in all but the very poorest of light conditions. For emergency use there are normal sights on either side of the scope. (the P90 is fully ambidextrous)

When the magazine is loaded there are only two ways that dirt could enter the gun: through the barrel, or the ejection port. But the latter one is located on the underside of the weapon, which makes it unlikely that much dirt will enter the gun. A side result of this is that the cartridges are ejected downward.

For those who fear of tripping over empty cases, one of the many extras available is a case catcher which can hold one hundred empty cases, and snaps onto the ejection port. Other available extras are lasers, lamps, and silencers.

The magazine for the P90 holds fifty rounds of SS-190 ammo.

Only available to military and law-enforcement. This is because of the armor penetrating qualities of the weapon. In a RPG this means that the weapon will be hard to find, and that ammunition will be scarce and expensive (Unless you are a member of the Spook Squad off course...).

Weight: 6.6 lbs (3 kg) loaded
Caliber:SS-190 (5.7 x 28)
Barrel Length:12 inch (30 cm).
Full Length:19.7 inch (50 cm).
Action:Unlocked blowback, fires from closed bolt.
Mode of Fire:Semi-Automatic & Full-Automatic
Rate of Fire:700 rpm
Range:656 ft (200 m)
Magazine: 50 rounds
Cost: $1250 and $1850 with integral laser sight.
Made in:Belgium
Special:Polymer construction, lightweight. High performance cartridge. Very ergonomic. Many accesoires available.

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