STEN Submachine Gun [Submachine Gun]:

Having run short of Thompson submachine guns being imported from the United States, the United Kingdom turned to Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield. There, they developed the Shepherd and Turpin Enfield (STEN) 'machine carbine.' This designation stems from the British nomenclature for a submachine gun.

Being introduced at the Battle of Britain, the Sten would serve honorably throughout the war. Numerous copies were manufactured by foreign lands to fulfill a need for allied weapons elsewhere in the conflict.

The STEN was avaliable in numerous configurations, and are known by a number of derogatory terms - both for the perceived odd looks of the firearm as well as the tendency for the Mark II and Mark III STEN to accidently discharge when mishandled. Such names included "Pulmber's Nightmare," and "the stench gun."

Mark I - possessed a wooden grip and fine finish. The Mark I STEN only totaled around 100,000 in production.

Mark II - switched to all metallic production and was the most common considering the two million units manufactured.

Mark III -Simplified model of the Mk I and produced in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mark IV - an experimental model, the Mk IV never came to fruition.

Mark V - Designed with paratroopers in mind, the Mk V possess a more traditional pistol grip design.

Mark VI - The Mk VI was found to be particularly attractive for silencing, and suppressed models were addressed as the Mk VIS.

Additional models were produced as copies by Germany, Australia, Poland, and elsewhere.

Weight: 3.2kg (7.1 lb)
Caliber:9 mm
Barrel Length:7.7 inch (19.6 cm)
Overall Length:29.9 inch (76.0 cm)
Action:Open bolt blowback
Mode of Fire:Single Shot or Fully Automatic by push button select
Rate of Fire:Version Dependent - Apromimxately 500 rounds per minute
Range:250 feet (76.2 meters)
Magazine: 32 round magazine
Cost: Varies depending on design / No longer in production.
Made in:UK and elsewhere
Special: Simple, hard-wearing design. Known for inexpensive manufacture.

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