Kahr K9 [Automatic Pistol]:

The Kahr K9 is one of the smallest combat handguns in production at the moment. Its sleek profile and slim width make it very concealable, yet it is sturdy enough to fire either the 9 mm cartridge or the .40 S&W without trouble, which is mostly due to its all-steel construction.

Weight: 1.56 lbs (0.7 kg)
Caliber: 9 mm / .40 S&W
Barrel: 3.5 inch (16.7 cm)
Action: Double Action
Range: 165 ft (50 m)
Payload: 7 + 1 / 6 + 1
Cost: $ 550
Made in: USA
Special: Different finishes available, stainless steel version also made.

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