QCW-05 / Weisheng Chongfeng Qiang [Submachine Gun]:

Design on the Weisheng Chongfeng Qiang (literally, Silenced Assault Gun) began in 2001, and the firearm was first revealed in 2005. The gun was developed in response to requirements from the People’s Liberation Army to possess a submachine gun to replace earlier models that was capable of being suppressed, had a high capacity magazine, and a low cyclical rate of fire to increase control when fired fully automatically. Throwing their lot in with FN and H&K, the Jianshe Industries group designed the weapon to be in an armor-piercing caliber with the intent of Personal Defense Weapon capabilities.

Being a bullpup design, the gun ejects only from the right side, making it nearly impossible to fire from the left shoulder. It has an automatic grip safety as well as the safety provided by the fire selector.

The firearm comes in three varieties. In PLA service the QCW-05 and QCQ-05 are referred to as the Type 05, owing from the year of their release. The QCW-05 has a metal suppressor which can be screwed on or off as the situation permits, considering that without the suppressor the gun can fill more than just a niche role. The QCW-05 fires the subsonic 5.8x21 DCV05 indigenous Chinese round, which works very well with the silencer. When firing this ammunition, the gun has a range of around 165 feet, though this is acceptable considering most work with a suppressor is done at closer ranges.

The QCQ-05 does not come with a suppressor, though is otherwise identical and in fact can have the suppressor screwed on, thus making little difference between the two variants of the Type 05 design. It fires the full powered version of the 5.8x21mm armor-piercing round, the DAP92, though it fires the DCV05 version when the suppressor is added. When one considers that the QCW-05, sans suppressor, can fire the DAP92 round, there is really little difference.

However, the JS version of the Weisheng Chongfeng Qiang chambers the 9x19mm Parabellum round and uses a 30 round double stack magazine. It was designed with export in mind, as a cheaper alternative to the H&K MP5, especially for police forces with smaller budgets. It can in fact accept the MP5 magazine with no modification. The gun can also chamber a version of the 9x19mm round called the DAP92-9 that is a Chinese version of the round designed to pierce armor.

Weight: 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg)
Caliber:QCW-05: 5.8x21mm DCV05, QCQ-05: 5.8x21mm DAP92; JS: 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x19mm DAP92-9
Barrel Length:10 inches (25 cm).
Full Length:Type 05: 20 inches (500 mm); JS: 18 inches (450mm).
Action:Blowback, Open Bolt.
Mode of Fire:Fully Automatic, Three-Round Burst, Semi-Automatic
Rate of Fire:400 rpm
Range:Type 05: 660 feet (200 m), 165 feet (50 m) Silenced; JS: 495-330 feet (100-150 m)
Magazine:Type 05: 50 Rounds; JS: 30 Rounds
Cost: $1200.
Made in:China (People's Republic)
Special:Silenced Submachine Gun with a bullpup design. Type 05 fires armor piercing rounds. JS magazines are compatible with H&K MP5 magazines.

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