Skorpion [Submachine Gun]:

The Skorpion was developed in Czechoslovakia as a replacement the pistol for armored vehicle crews. The small size of the weapon makes it suitable for both concealed carry and use in confined spaces. Due to the weapons small size, it became popular among police, security, and counter-terrorism units. It also became very popular among terrorist groups. The sub-machinegun was exported to a variety of Communist nations and in central Africa. It is know to be in use in Chech, Slovenian, Egypt, and Lybian units. The weapon was produced from 1960 to 1975 and can be found virtually anywhere in the world.

The only real weakness with the weapon is that it is only chambered in relatively light caliber rounds. Due to this, pentration is weak and is relatively short ranged. The sub-machinegun comes in three basic forms. The Vz.61 uses the 7.65 Browning Cartridge, the Vz.82 in 9 x 18 mm Makarov, and the Vz.83 uses the 9 x 17 mm Short (.380 ACP.) There are reports that 9 mm Parabellum models were made butnone have been seen in the West.

The Skorpion uses simple blowback principle to operate and can fire single shot semi-automatic or fully automatic. The sub-machinegun is fitted with a "rate reducer" to reduce the rate of of fire to practical limits. The Skorpion has both ten round and twenty round magazines. Skorpions chambered in 7.65 caliber use a curved magazine while those chambered in 9 mm Short or Makarov have a straight magazine. The Skorpion has a ambidextrous cocking handle and the safety/firing mode switch is located above the firing handle on the left side of the weapon

The Skorpion can be carried in a special holster. It is designed to be fired single-handed or with a two-hands grip. It also can be fired with or without the stock extension.

Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.28 kg) empty
Caliber:7.65 x 17 mm Browning (.32 ACP), 9x18mm Makarov, and 9x17mm (.380ACP).
Barrel Length:4.53 inch (11.5 cm).
Full Length: Stock retracted: 10.59 inches (26.9 cm) Stock extended: 20.2 inches (51.3 cm)
Action:Simple blowback.
Mode of Fire:Semi-Automatic & Full-Automatic
Rate of Fire:850 rpm
Range:80 feet (25 meters)
Magazine: 10 or 20 rounds
Cost: $300.
Made in:Czechoslovakia
Special:Small, easily concealable, relatively light, and relatively inexpensive.

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