Taurus Raging Bull [Revolver]:

Most gun companies has the goal to create the most powerful handgun, Taurus being no exception. At the time it was first introduced, the Taurus Raging Bull was available in the .454 Casull caliber and it was the most powerful double action revolver in the world and was the first double action revolver in the world to use the powerful .454 Caull round. Since then, other gun companies have come up with double action revolvers also using this round. The Taurus Raging bull is also available in the calibers of .44 magnum and .45 Long Colt.

The Taurus Raging Bull is a massive double action revolver that is heavily reinforced. The weapon is available in blue, stainless steel, or case Hardened. The stocks of the revolver are available in either rubber or walnut. The revolver has a compensated barrel, vented rib, and has rear ajustable sights.

The weapon is available with a 6.5 inch or 8.375 inch barrel. The Ranging bull in 454 Cassul has a five shot cylinder due to the large size of the cartridge but has a six shot cylinder with other cartridges

Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) empty.
Caliber:.44 Magnum, .45 Long Colt, and .454 Casull
Barrel Length:6.5 inch (16.5 cm) / 8.375 inch (21.3 cm).
Action:Double Action.
Range:300 ft (90 m).
Cylinder:6 rounds (.44 Magnum), 6 rounds (.45 Long Colt) 5 rounds (.454 Casull).
Cost: $ 699 (Blued) / $ 767 (Stainless).
Made in: America and Brazil.
Special: Very strong and dependable. Compensated and is made in a powerful large caliber. .

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