Gyurza [Automatic Pistol]:

This gun was designed in the early nineties to meet a Russian army requirement for a high-capacity pistol capable of defeating ballistic vests at at least 50 meters range. The designers realized that the existing 9x18 mm bullet would never do, and designed the 9 x 21 mm SP-10 bullet. This is a armor piercing bullet with a steel core, and from the Gyurza it has a muzzle velocity of 420 meters per second (1400 fps). The gun and ammo are capable of defeating car doors and ballistic vests (30 layers of kevlar AND a 2.8 mm titanium trauma plate).

Despite the guns good performance the army lost interest in the weapon during the mid-nineties. However, in 1996 the gun was adopted by the FSB, the Federal Security Service, a part of the former KGB. Apparently FSB agents are quite happy with the weapon, especially considering the fact that more and more members of Russia`s organized crime cartels are walking around wearing body armor. The FSBs old Makarovs in 9x18 mm had no chance whatsoever of defeating modern body armor....

The weapon is of modern construction with a polymer frame with a large steel insert to handle the powerful recoil. The slide is made of steel. The recoil spring is wound around the barrel just like with the Makarov, but unlike the Makarov the Gyurza is a recoil operated locked breech weapon, utelizing a sliding cam not unlike the system found in the Beretta 92. There are three safeties, a grip safety, a trigger safety and a firing pin safety. The sights are fairly simple, and are only adjustable for windage. The magazine release is located behind the trigger guard.

The magazine for the Gyurza is made of steel, and holds eighteen rounds.

Weight: 2 lbs (0.95 kg) empty.
Caliber:9 x 21 mm SP-10 (follow rules for Armor Piercing rounds).
Barrel Length:4.5 inch (11.25 cm).
Overall Length:7.8 inches (19.5 cm).
Action:Double Action.
Range:333 feet (100 meters).
Magazine:18 round box magazine.
Cost: ?
Made in: Russia.
Special: Modern pistol, with polymer frame. Designed to fire a armor penetrating round, and new firearm of the FSB (Federal Security Service, part of the former KGB).

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