Japanese Type 26 Revolver [Revolver]:

Though introduced originally in 1893 (the 26th year of Emperor Meiji,) this weapon was used widely during the Second World War. It has the honor of being the first modern pistol that the Japanese Imperial Army adopted. That being said, many of these were crudely manufactured to the point where the revolving cylinder did not fully match up with the barrel resulting in many of these revolvers to be inaccurate if not, at times, dangerous. It was known to have a particularly hard trigger pull, thus limiting the rate of fire.

Weight: 2.25 lbs (.927 kg) empty
Caliber:9 mm Japanese Revolver.
Barrel Length:4.7 in (120 mm)
Action:Double Action Only.
Range:150 ft (45.7 m).
Cylinder:6 rounds .
Cost: $600 on the antiquities market.
Made in: Japan.
Special: Hammerless and therefore cannot snag and be fired accidentally, making it ideal for concealment; sought after by collectors; lanyard ring at bottom of grip

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