Barrett M82A1 [Sniper Rifle]:

The Barrett M82A1 is a AMR (anti material rifle)/ sniper rifle, and it is supremely suited for these jobs. The original weapon was designed by Ronald Barrett in the eighties, and was one of the first semi-automatic rifles chambered in the REALLY big cartridges normally reserved for heavy machine guns. The Barrett was used in the Gulf War for sniping and to destroy landmines from a safe distance, and was (according to rumor) also used to shoot a Iraqi tank commander at more than a mile distance.

Although the Barrett is not quite as enormous as the Technika Magnum 96, it is still a huge rifle by all accounts. With a total length of nearly five feet, a weight of thirty pounds and firing the powerful .50 BMG cartridge from a ten shot magazine the Barrett looks and feels very impressive. Its layout is conventional, with the magazine in front of the triggerguard, and a mounting for a scope on top of the reciever. The action is of the Short Recoil type, which means that the recoil of firing the weapon moves the locked barrel/bolt assembly about two and a halve inch rearward, after which the bolt rotates, and continues to travel backward, while the barrel stops. The Bolt then travels forward again, strips a round out of the magazine and chambers it. Then the bolt rotates again, locking it and the barrel, and the closed assembly moves the last two and a half inches forward again. End of cycle.

The weapon comes standard with a bipod and a very effective muzzle brake (don`t stand NEXT to the rifle when it is fired!). The fit of all parts is excellent, and the finish is up to the customer.

The magazine holds ten rounds.

Weight: 28.5 lbs (12.9 kg) (empty)
Caliber: .50 BMG
Barrel: 29 inch (74 cm)
Length: 57 inch (145 cm)
Action: Short Recoil Rotary bolt.
Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic Only
Range: 5000 ft (1500 m)
Magazine: 10 round
Cost: $ 6,750
Made in: USA
Special: Very powerful weapon. Comes standard with bipod, and a muzzle brake. Excellent finish, totally reliable. Several finishes available.

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