Vektor SP1 / SP2 [Automatic Pistol]:

One of the guns coming out of South Africa now that that county can freely import and export weapons again. The Vektor SP (service pistol) series is not as radical a design as their smaller brother the CP1, instead beneath the finish the SP series has a very common design, based upon the early Berettas. What does stand out is the fit and finish, which is excellent. The barrel too is special, having a polygonal rifling instead of the normal lands and grooves. The SP can be had in several finishes and versions, up to and incluiding fully compensated raceguns with a single action trigger.

Lately the gun has also been made available in .40 S&W, with the 9 mm version being the SP1, and the .40 S&W version being the SP2.

The magazine holds sixteen rounds in 9 mm, and eleven in .40 S&W.

Weight: 1.76 lbs (0.8 kg)
Caliber: 9 mm / .40 S&W
Barrel: 5 inch (12.5 cm)
Action: Double Action
Range: 165 ft (50 m)
Payload: 15 + 1 / 11 + 1
Cost: $ 350
Made in: South Africa
Special: Good quality and finish, several versions and finishes available.

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Writeup by Mischa (E-Mail Mischa ).
Thanks to Mr. A. Schutte from South Africa for correcting my mistake with the name of the SP series, which had previously been labeled as the CP2.

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