Mechem N.T.W. [Heavy Weapons]:

The Mechem N.T.W. is another Anti Material Rifle, this time from South Africa. Rifle might not be the right word, because the N.T.W. fires 20 mm cartridges, and can be considered to be a light cannon. The cartridge was originally developed for aircraft mounted cannons, and is available with a variety of different projectiles, ranging from High Explosive Armor Penetrating to Incendary Armor Penetrating.

Although the weight and muzzle velocity of the 20 mm grenade are incredible (1700 grain and 2400 fps), the cartridge is actually slightly less powerful than the 14.5 x 114 bloc round. However, the amount of explosives the grenade can deliver to the target is much larger, and therefore the 20 mm cartridge is more effective.

In the picture to the right the 20 mm and the 14.5 mm cartidges are seen next to each other. The 14.5 has better ballistics, the 20 mm has (obviously) a larger projectile, with the increased payload. The N.T.W. can also be bought in the 14.5 mm caliber.

The rifle itself has a bolt action. However, in order to reduce the enormous recoil of the weapon, some special features were build in. The most obvious one is the large muzzle brake fitted to the barrel. The second, less obvious one, is that the entire barrel/bolt/magazine assembly rides on the frame, and when fired the entire assembly moves backward. This motion is dampened by a hydraulic shock-absorber, and the assembly is returned to its original position by the same shock-absorber. These measures help to reduce the felt recoil to a large extent. Also aiding in the reduction of recoil is the weight of the weapon, which tops out at over 58 pounds! The barrel of the 20 mm version is 40 inch long, and the 14.5 bloc barrel is 48 inches long. It is very difficult for a single person to move such a weight for a significant amount of time, so the rifle can be taken apart into two major parts, so that it can be moved by two persons.

The standard scope for the weapon is of the "long eye relief" type. The designers thought it wise to keep several inches of space between the scope and the shooters face. This is a wise deciscion, because even though the recoil is dampened, and the Scope is mounted on the frame, and does not move with the barrel assembly, it still moves backwards violently when the weapon is fired.....

The magazine of the N.T.W. holds three rounds, and the 20 mm magazine has specila provisions to protect the fuses of the 20 mm grenades. The magazine enters the action from the left side.

Note: This weapon is military issue only! Should you wish to use it in a game, you should keep in mind that not only will it be very difficult to find both the weapon and the ammo, but firing such a weapon also takes inordinate amounts of skill, especially at longer ranges.

Weight: 57.5 lbs (26 kg)
Caliber:20 mm / 14.5 x 114 bloc.
Barrel Length:40 inch (100 cm) / 48 inch (120 cm).
Overall Length:70.87 inch (180 cm) / 80 inch (200 cm).
Action:Manually operated Bolt Action.
Mode of Fire: Single shot only.
Range:5,000 feet (1,500 meters).
Magazine:3 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 15,000 ?.
Made in: South Africa.
Special: Innovative design. Posesses immense power and penetration. Military issue only!

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