Fabrique National FNC (FN-FNC) [Automatic Rifle]:

The FN-FNC is chambered in the 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge and is the successor to the FN-CAL. The FN-CAL were poor due to most customers being happy with the 7.62 catridge at the time. The FN-FNC Received a better acceptance due to NATO accepting the 5.56 Cartridge.

The FN-FNC is more reliable than the FN-CAL and is less expensive. It uses the rotating block from the FN-CAL. The FN-FNC is an excellent design which combines some of the best features from other famous designs, such as Kalashnikov AK-47, Colt/Armalite M16, and others. Steel, alloy, and plastic are used extensively in the FN-FNC with pressing and stamping heavily used during the manufacting process. The magazine well is NATO standard and will accept M-16 and similar types of magazines. The Rifle is fitted with a folding stock and can fire in single shot, three round burst, and fully automatic. A solid butt stock is also available.

In addition to being manufactured in Belgium, the rifle is produced under licence in Indonesia and a variant model is used in Sweden as the Bofors AK5. The FNC also was sold to some police forces around the world, and, in limited numbers for civilians - as a "Sporter" model, limited to semi-automatic mode only.

Weight: Standard Model: 8.95 lbs (4.06 kg) Paratrooper Model: 8.5 lbs (3.8 kg)
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Barrel Length: Standard Model: 17.7 inches (45 cm). Paratrooper Model: 14.3 inches (36.3 cm)
Overall Length: Standard, Stock Extended: 39.25 inches (99.7 cm). Standard, Stock Folded: 30.2 inches (76.6 cm) Paratrooper Model, Stock Extended: 35.87 inches (91.1 cm). Paratrooper Model, Stock Folded: 26.77 inches (68.0 cm)
Action:Gas operated (Rotating Bolt).
Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic, Three Round Burst, or Fully Automatic (Civilian Version Semi-Automatic).
Range:1333 feet (400 meters).
Magazine:5, 10, 20, 30, or 99 rounds.
Cost: $ 1,200.
Made in: Belgium (Manufacted in Indonesia and variant manufactered in Sweden as the AK5).
Special: Can fire both three round bursts and fully automatic, folding butt stock, and can accept M-16 magazines.

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