Colt SCAMP (Small Caliber Machine Pistol) [Submachine Gun]:

This Weapon is a true "machine-pistol" since it is capable of full automatic fire. The SCAMP is something of a cross between a pistol and a SMG firing a .22 caliber round designed especially for it. though the SCAMP is considered a full automatic weapon it cannot fire its entire magazine in one long burst. the selector switch allows for either single shots or controlled 3 round bursts to be fired. In a controlled burst the weapon will only fire its programmed number of rounds, in this high cyclic rate of fire, the 3 round burst is considered an optimum size to keep all of the rounds on target before recoil forces the weapon's muzzle up and off-target.

The weapon itself dates from around 1970 but never entered any fulw scale use or production. Due to the fact that the weapon is lightweight and the round has good penetration, it can be very useful. This .22 Scamp round was developed as a low recoil round for the Colt SCAMP. the weight of the round was cut down but the lethality was kept equal or better than the 9 x 19 mm round by using a small bullet fired at a high velocity. The SCAMP is the only weapon chambered for this round. The Scamp should be considered a military only weapon and is not a weapon that can.

Weight: 2.25 lbs / 1.02 kg (Empty) 3.24 lbs / 1.47 kg(Loaded)
Caliber: .22 Scamp (5.56 x 29 mm)
Barrel: 9.12 inch (23.2 cm)
Length: 11.41 inch (29.5 cm)
Mode of Fire: Double Action or Three Round Burst
Action: Recoil?
Rate of Fire: (SS) 54 rpm, (A) 108 rpm (Cyclic) 1500 rpm
Effective Range: 147.6 ft (45 m)
Maximum Range: 5659.4 ft (1725 m)
Magazine: 27 round
Cost: $?
Made in: United States
Special: Inovated Design, Lightweight yet can fire Three Round Bursts and has good penetration

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