Technika Magnum 96 Destroyer [Sniper Rifle]:

In the last decade there has been a flurry of new and ever bigger rifles, firing ever bigger cartridges. These weapons are usually double purpose: Not only are they for long distance sniping, they are also meant as AMR`s (Anti Material Rifle). In other words, for destroying cars, radar dishes, shooting through APC`s....

The culumnation of such rifles is without a doubt the Hungarian made Technika Magnum 96 Destroyer. This monster of a weapon is over six foot long, has a barrel five foot long, is a semi-automatic, fires a cartridge which has one and a half times the muzzle energy of a .50 BMG, and is capable of penetrating a inch of steel at the astounding distance of 1 kilometer! Suffice to say that the Magnum 96 has to be (and is) a BIG weapon. The next cartridge type available is 20 mm, and those are cannon shells.

The layout of the Technika Magnum is unusual, it is a semi-bullpup design. In order to keep the weapon as compact (duh...) as possible, the designers have moved the action as far back as possible, so that the shoulder pad is glued to the end of the action. This move has neccesetated the placement of the pistol grip NEXT to the right side of the magazine. This sounds clumsy, and looks strange, but works surprisingly well. The huge magazine holds five rounds, and can be removed. It feeds the large action, which is of the long-recoil type. Basically, the recoil of the weapon moves the entire barrel/bolt assembly backwards. At the end of the action the bolt rotates, and the barrel moves forward, while the bolt assembly is held back by a retainer. When the barrel has travelled fully forward the bolt is released, moves forward and feeds a new cartridge into the chamber. End of cycle.

The weapon comes standard with a bipod and a 12x magnifying scope, good for shooting up to nearly 2 km distance. A muzzle brake is also standard with the weapon, and in fact the Magnum may not be fired with the muzzle brake removed! The fit of all parts is excellent, and the finish is up to the customer.

The magazine holds five rounds.

Note: This weapon is military issue only! Should you wish to use it in a game, you should keep in mind that not only will it be very difficult to find both the weapon and the ammo, but firing such a weapon also takes inordinate amounts of skill, especially at longer ranges.

Weight: 57.4 lbs (26 kg) (empty)
Caliber: 14.5 x 114 mm Bloc
Barrel: 59.5 inch (150 cm)
Length: 72 inch (184 cm)
Action: Long Recoil Rotary bolt.
Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic Only
Range: 5000 ft (1500 m)
Magazine: 5 round
Cost: ?
Made in: Hungaria
Special: Very VERY powerful weapon. Military issue only. Comes standard with bipod, muzzle brake, and a 12x Scope. Excellent finish, totally reliable. Several finishes available.

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