AN 94 [Automatic Rifle]:

Slowly replacing the AK-74 as the standard issue rifle of the Russian army, the AN 94 was introduced in the year 1994, although its deployment to tghe troops has been slow. Only the Speznatz and other Russian special forces have completely switched over to the new rifle, withthe regular army following at a significantly lower rate. The AN 94 was not designed by Kalasnikov, and shares few design characteristics with those weapons. Only the magazine, the pistol grip, the cleaning kit, and the hinge for the folding stock have been retained from the AK-74.

The weapon is of lightweight construction with extensive use of polymers in the stock and receiver. The action used is very innovative: although it is a gas operated action with rotary bolt, the entire mechanism can move inside of the reciever. Coupled with a pulley and cable, the loading cycle of the rifle can be speeded up, so that when the weapon is fired in fully automatic (or in its two shot burst setting) the first two shots are fired at a incredible rate of 1800 rounds per minute! This means that the bullets have left the barrel before recoil makes the gun move off its target, which enhances the accuracy considerably. After the first two shots have been fired, the gun continues to fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute, like a normal automatic rifle. If the trigger is released and pulled again, the first two shots will again be at the high rate of fire. Off course a single shot setting is also provided.

The magazines AN 94 are the magazines for the AK-74, and are usually of the thirty round red plastic variety.

Weight: 8.48 lbs (3.85 kg) empty.
Caliber:5.45 x 39 mm.
Barrel Length:16.2 inch (40.5 cm).
Overall Length:37.7 inches (94.3 cm) / 29.12 inches (72.8 cm) w. Folded stock.
Action:Gas operated rotating bolt.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic / Fully automatic .
Range:1333 feet (400 meters).
Magazine:30 round box magazine.
Cost: ?
Made in: Russia.
Special: New Russian service rifle. Well made, with extremely high rate of fire in burst setting due to a innovative mechanism. Comes with bayonet, sling, cleaning kit. Stock and other major parts from glassfibre-reinforced polyamide.

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