Bison-2 [Submachine Gun]:

A modern submachine gun, the Bison is still chambered in the somewhat weak (compared to western rounds) 9 x 18 mm Makarov round. However, the gun is nothing to laugh at. With the stock folded it is just over 17 inches long, and the magazine will never stick out, as it is a tube underneath the barrel, in which the rounds are stored in a helical configuration. All 67 of them! That is some serious firepower, and the Bison is now seeing employment with several types of Russian Special forces.

The weapon is made of sheet metal, and very much resembles an AK-74, with which it has in fact a lot of parts in common. The standard settings for the safety are safe, single shot, and fully automatic. The action is a simple blowback action, all that is needed for the 9 x 18 mm round. The magazine lies underneath the barrel, which makes for quite a compact weapon.

The helical magazines for the Bison hold 67 rounds. In function they resemble the magazines for the American Calico guns.

Weight: 5.4 lbs (2.47 kg) empty.
Caliber:9 x 18 mm.
Barrel Length:10 inch (25 cm).
Overall Length:26.4 inches (66 cm) / 17 inches (42.5 cm) w. Folded stock.
Action:Straight blowback.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic / Fully automatic .
Range:333 feet (100 meters).
Magazine:67 round helical magazine.
Cost: ?
Made in: Russia.
Special: Compact weapon with innovative high-capacity magazines. New submachinegun for the Russian special forces (Spetsnatz, FSB).

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