Heckler & Koch SLB 2000 [Automatic Rifle]:

A new sporting rifle from Heckler & Koch, the SLB (SelbstLadeBüchse or Self-loading Rifle) was introduced in the year 2000, explaining its name. This weapon is a replacement for H&K`s earlier sporting weapons. Unlike the earlier weapons which used a roller delayed blowback action, the SLB uses a gas operated rotating bolt. The safety is located on the back of the reciever, and is fully ambidextrous. On top of the reciever there is place for either H&K`s own HK05 scope mount, or a Weaver type rail.

Since the SLB 2000 has a modular design, it is relatively easy to change calibers. This design also makes for easy disassembly. Removing one screw is all it takes to disassemble the entire rifle for cleaning. Parts of the reciever are made of steel-reinforced aluminium and leightweight polymers. The stock is made from laquered or oiled walnut, depending on which version one buys.

The gun has the ability to accept detachable or non-detachable 2, 5 or 10 shot magazines, and can be ordered in either configuration.

Weight: 7.27 lbs (3.3 kg) empty, no scope.
Caliber:7.62x51mm NATO (.308), 30-06 (7.62 x 63 mm), .300 Winchester Magnum.
Barrel Length:22 inch (55 cm), 24 inch (600 mm)(Magnum).
Overall Length:44 inches (110 cm) / 46 inches (115 cm)(magnum).
Action:Gas operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only .
Range:2200 feet (660 meters).
Magazine:2, 5, or 10 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 1,500.
Made in: Germany.
Special: High quality manufacturing. Light weight aluminum and polymer reciever, fitted with weaver rail for scope fitting. Hey, its a Heckler & Koch, you can`t go wrong!

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