Kel-Tec Sub-9/Sub-40 [Submachine Gun]:

A small and lightweight folding carabine, this is another of Kel-Tec`s weapons, and it too follows in their "small is better" philosophy. Made in both the 9 mm and the .40 S&W caliber, this handy little carabine will accept a huge variety of pistol magazines from different manufacturers, so that it can be used with the magazines for a handgun already owned by the purchaser.

The weapon works trough a simple blow-back mechanism and is semi-automatic only. It features several safety devices, under which a lever operated safety which blocks the sear, the hammer and disengages the trigger bar. The magazines are loaded in the pistol grip, and the weapon is loaded by means of a lever located under the tubular butt-stock.

A great feature is that the weapon can be folded into a neat package of only 16 by 7 inches by simply emptying the gun, and pushing a button in front of the trigger guard. In this state the weapon cannot be fired, so it is safe to transport. A huge variety of accesoires are available from the factory, including a scope mount, a lamp which can be mounted under the barrel (with the batteries nicely located in the front stock) a laser attachment, a smaller front stock, and various other attachments.

The magazines for the weapons can hold a variable amount of ammunition, depending upon which manufacturers magazines are used.

Weight: 4.6 lbs (2 kg) empty.
Caliber:9 mm / .40 S&W.
Barrel Length:16.1 inch (40.25 cm).
Overall Length:30 inches (74 cm) or 16 inches (40 cm) folded.
Action:Recoil operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only .
Range:300 ft (90 m).
Magazine:Various box magazines (10 to 33 rounds).
Cost: $ 700.
Made in: USA.
Special: Small and lightweight, can be folded up, with a variety of different accesoires available.

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