Taurus PT 945 / 400 [Automatic Pistol]:

This is a powerful full sized Double action pistol made by Taurus. The gun is neither small nor lightweight, but it is a sturdy and reliable piece, well suited as a duty gun. The only drawback that it might have is that it does not have quite as high a magazine capacity as some other fullsized guns, but the calibers in which it is made should make up for this: It is available in either .45 ACP or the .400 Cor-Bon cartridge, which has ballistics slightly superior to the 10 mm cartridge, putting it in the same league as some magnum cartridges. Despite the power of the chamberings, the PT 945 and PT400 are relatively easy to shoot, due to their good ergonomics and mass. The gun is available in either blued steel, or in stainless steel.

It is of good quality and manufacture, and should last for a long time. Proof of the faith that Taurus has in all of its guns is the fact that they were the first manufacturer to have a lifelong free repair policy for all their guns.

Both versions of the gun have a eight round magazine.

Weight: 1.8 lbs (.84 kg)
Caliber: .45 ACP / .400 Cor-Bon
Barrel: 4.25 inch (10.75 cm)
Action: Double Action
Range: 165 ft (50 m)
Payload: 8 + 1
Cost: $ 470
Made in: America and Brazil
Special: Good quality and finish. Available in blued steel or Stainless.

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