Dragunov Sniper Rifle [Sniper Rifle]:

The Dragunov, a scary looking weapon with a scary sounding name, has struck more than fear into the hearts of opponents since its development in the Soviet Union. It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for the Russian 7.62X54 Rimmed round. Intended for long distance firing, it was designed with the intention of increasing the effective combat range of a Soviet platoon rather than as a true sniper rifle. (E.g. It is also given to marksmen, not just snipers.)

The basic components are based on the AK series and have been extended and reinforced to accept the more powerful 7.62X54 round. It uses special steel-cored rounds, which are 2.5 times more accurate than regular ones, though it can sue regular ones if necessary. The trigger has been slightly modified for a comfortable pull with reduced shaking and a faster lock-time. It is composed mainly of pressed steel, but the quality is exceptional by Soviet standards, at least up to Western standards.

The stock is also commendable, and has since become widely copied and available as a separate piece to add to other combloc weapons such as the SKS. The stock is light and hollow. Most importantly, it has been built to serve as a headrest while the firer is aiming.

The main sight is the telescopic sight, but there are also basic iron sights that can be used while the telescopic sight is already installed. The telescopic sight, a PSO 1, has 4x magnification and is clear and simple to interpret. Recoil of the rifle is controlled so that the sights come back on line each time thanks to the straight-line layout.

The rifle shoots as accurately as one would expect from a sniper rifle. While the iron sights can be calibrated to ranges over 1000m, the effective range of the rifle when the component of the average human operator is added, is probably around 800m (2624 ft).

There is also a civilian hunting version formerly sold in the Soviet Union called the 'Medved' which is Russian for Bear. It has a sporter stock, a 5 round magazine, no iron sights or flash hider, and is chambered for the 9X54 mm round. Civilian versions are also manufactured by Norinco in China.

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Weight: 9 lbs. 8 oz (4.31 kg) empty.
Caliber:7.62x54 Rimmed (Russian) Some Chinese versions use .308 Winchester.
Barrel Length:24.4 inches (61 cm).
Overall Length:50 inches (130 cm).
Action:Gas operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only. Max ROF 30 Rounds Per Minute.
Range:2624 feet (800 meters). (Muzzle velocity 2720 ft/sec (829m/sec) Kill range is claimed to be in excess of 3000 m using the powerful 7.62X54 round).
Magazine:10 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 3,500 to $5,000.
Made in: Russia/Soviet Union, China.
Special: One of the first semi-automatic sniper rifles. Good quality for a Soviet weapon. Designed to operate in extreme conditions that would render other precision weapons inoperable.

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