Ruger Mini-14 / Mini-30 [Automatic Rifle]:

The Ruger Mini-14 is a civilian gas operated semi automatic rifle that is chambered in the 2.23 remington round (5.56x45 mm) and the rifle uses the same basic action as the M-14 rifle and is likely a good aproximation of how the M-14 combat rifle should have been designed in the first place for its intended role as a lightweight combat carbine to bridge the gap between pistol and rifle. The rifle is an excellent semi automatic hunting rifle with a relatively short barrel. The rifle is avialable with matte blue or stainless steel barrels and is also available with both wood or synthetic stocks. The rifle has forward blade sights and adjustable rear sights. There is a second version know as a Ranch Rifle that is designed to use attachable sights and scopes.

There is a third version civilian of the rifle know as the Mini-30. This rifle uses the 7.62 x 39 round (The same round that is used in the russian AK-47). Like the Ranch Rifle, the Mini-30 is is designed to use attachable sights and scopes.

There are two law enforcement versions of the Ruger Mini-14 available, the Mini-14 Government and AC556. Both Rifles are available with standard hardwood stocks or folding stocks. Rifles are also available with blued or matte stainless barrels. Both Rifles include a muzzle flash suppressor, bayonet lug, protected front sight, and ventilated fiberglass upper handguard. The Mini-14 Government Rifle is semi automatic only. The AC556 which is selective fire and has a fire control mechanism consists of a positive 3-position selector lever that provides a semiautomatic, three shot burst, or full automatic mode of fire.

Current civilian versions of the Mini-14 use 5 round magazines but the are pre brady bill 20 and 30 round magazines as well as larger capacity police magaines.

Weight: Mini-14: 6.75 lbs (3.1 kg), Mini-30: 6.9 lbs (3.13kg).
Caliber: Mini-14: 5.56x45 mm NATO, Mini-30: 7.62 Soviet (7.62x39 mm).
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches (47 cm)
Overall Length: 37.1 inches (94.2 cm).
Action:Gas Operated.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only (Most Versions - Athough could likely be converted to fully automatic). Semiautomatic, Three shot burst, or Full automatic (AC-556)
Range: Mini-14: 1200 feet (366 meters), Mini-30: 984 feet (300 meters).
Magazine:5, 20, or 30 rounds.
Cost: $620 to $680 (Civilian Models).
Made in: USA.
Special: Effective carbine based on a test combat rifle. Hight quality and failry easy to purchase. Barrels are available in blue steel and stainless steel. Stocks are available in hardwood or Polymer.

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